Ana Paula Moreti - Singer.   Ana Paula is from Campinas - Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she grew up dreaming of becoming a singer. Her dream became a reality in 1996 at the age of 18, when she began her musical career. After recording her first independent album entitled "One Essence," she toured Brazil "as a backing vocalist for renowned artists, and participated in many festivals and events". It was at one such event that she met pianist, producer, songwriter and arrnger Eumir Deodato. During this time, while Touring, she opened shows for a number of well known Brazilian entertainers like Almir Sater and Renato Teixeira, and participated in festivals and events for MTV. She was called to perform on programs like Fabio Jr, also on the Rede Record, and with Amaury Jr, when he worked at the Pioneers. While working on the Pioneer network, she shared the stage with Emilio Santiago. Music is Ana Paula's driving force and passion. Her desire to expand her music led her to study both piano and guitar to enrich her skills. She attended the Methodist University of Piracicaba, while working on a degree in the School of Music. Through "blending the colors and rhythms of Brazilian music with the richness of jazz," but she does not limit herself. She also performs "pop music" Links: Facebook, Eletro Pocket on Facebook, YouTube and DC Bebop.


Benito Gonzalez, Pianist, Arranger and Composer. "The fusion of world rhythms and straight-ahead jazz make this passionate performer an audience favorite all over the world. Benito Gonzalez is being recognized as an exciting pianist and composer for his well-received debut album, “Starting Point” (Christian McBride, Antonio Sanchez, Rene McLean, Ron Blake) and as winner of the 2005 Great American Jazz Piano Competition. Presently, Benito is creating a very personal body of work for his sophomore album as a leader that will feature him as an improviser. After two years touring with international jazz artist, Kenny Garrett, he added numerous festivals and international jazz club dates to his credit. Benito has shared the stage with Curtis Fuller, Pharaoh Sanders, Bobby Hutcherson, Christian McBride, Ignacio Berroa, Roy Hargrove, Rene McLean, Steve Turre, Hamiet Bluiett, Antonio Sanchez, T.K. Blue, Nicholas Payton and Jackie Mclean. His multi-cultural talents have led to frequent recording dates; from American jazz masters to West African musicians to Latin bands. He has also served as musical director for several Venezuelan recording artists." Excerpt from Links: Website, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, Reverbnation, and DC Bebop page

Johannes Linstead - guitarist, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist - Johannes is from Toronto, Canada and is an award winning "World Music" multi-instrumentalist.  He plays guitar, piano, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, wood flute and various percussion. He is "recognized internationally as one of best selling guitarist/composers in the nouveau flamenco genre".  While growing up, Johannes and his parents spent a lot of time traveling to Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Because of his father's interest in Spanish culture, it had a strong influence in all their lives.  His mother taught Latin dance.  While traveling with his parents in the Caribbean, Johannes was drawn to the music of the islands.  He taught himself Spanish and Latin dance.  His interest in learning the music lead to his befriending a number of island musicians, which began his musical journey towards learning to play.  From his bio: Influenced deeply by the journeys he experienced as a youth, Johannes states: "The integration of the many cultures I have experienced, from Spain, to the Caribbean Islands, to Latin America, have moved me to create new rhythms and sounds. Experiencing these cultures - not just the music but also the people's everyday triumph over adversity - is what inspires my music."   Links: , Facebook, Website, Reverbnation and DC Bebop page.

Kytami is a violinistextremist. - "Kytami is arguably, Canada's most diverse and engaging fiddle player, she is an unbelievably energetic performer." Kytami's range and styles span from classical, punk, metal, hip-hop, Reggae, Celtic and any "fiddle styles" in between. Her skill and energy have moved audiences to stand up and embrace her music. From Canada to Europe, to the Near to the Far East, crowds groove to her sometimes melodious, sometimes strident, always energizing and engaging musical styles. She has recorded with established artists in diverse musical genres. From reggae, hip hop, drum and bass, to punk and metal. She has performed with Third Eye Tribe, Blackie LeBlanc, the Kytami Revolution, the indie pirate-rock group, Lownote and delhi2dublin. Kytami is featured on a number of Delhi2Dublin CDs. More recently, can be seen and heard on tour with PHONIK OPS in Canada and the U.S.    Links: Wikipedia, Reverbnation, YouTube, SoundCloud, Kytami on Facebook and DC Bebop page.

Saxophonist Arno Haas - Arno was born in the Black Forest region of Germany. While growing up he nurtured a musical curiosity, which became a life commitment to the pursuit of music. In pursuit of his interest, he joined his schools music club, where he participated in various band projects. This gave rise to thoughts of becoming a "professional musician." He received real life experience with being a musician while serving a year in the Air Force Music Corps/Karlsruhe. He says, "this experience was one reason for my decision to become a professional musician." He studied and graduated from the Swiss Jazz School at Bern (Switzerland).  While in school, he met "the master of the Blues, Sidney "Guitar Crusher" Selby, and was chosen to perform with the Cadillac Blues Band from Fribourg for 10 year tour. "During his musical career, Arno has played with "various bands and musicians such as Franco Ambrosetti, Peter Herbolzheimer in Jazz, or with the (ex-Rolling Stone) Mick Taylor, Paul Kuhn, with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Joo Kraus, Ack van Rooyen, Nikolas Simion, Peter Herbolzheimer, Tom Novy, Nubya, Göla, Sandra Studer, Maya Brunner, Polo Hofer, Lokua Kanza, Henri Dikongué, Wolfgang Haffner, James Moody, Thomas Stabenow and many others.  Since 2009 he has been a member of the Stuttgart Jazz Orchestra. The collaboration with Wolfgang Dauner and Helen Schneider started through this Orchestra." He released his first album, "Magic Hands," in 2013 to good reviews. He released "Back to You" in 2015, featuring 7-times Grammy winner Al Jarreau on the track titled "Lucky Chance," and singer Evelyn Kallansee from the Dutch band Tristan featured on "When Love Is Real". He released "Graffiti" in 2021. Arno is featured on numerous albums as sideman, and can be seen and heard performing in many venues in Europe and worldwide. Follow him through his links: Facebook, Website and DC Bebop page.

Saxophonist and composer Rocco Ventrella - was born in Bari, Italy and began playing saxophone at age of twelve. Rocco has performed in famous venues worldwide, performing with many well known and celebrated music artists. Over the last few years, he has maintained his musical edge while releasing numerous albums and EP's - "Reflections" 2021, "Colors" 2019, "Keep In Touch" 2018 and singles - "A New World" 2021, "Feeling The Breeze" 2021, "On The Road" 2020, "Magic In Your Eyes" 2019, "Summer Nights" 2019, "Precious of Life" 2018, and "Snap Your Fingers" 2017. "Rocco Ventrella has been nominated on for 'Artist Of The Year 2015' and invited to perform at Catalina Jazztrax Festival. Ventrella received a Grammy Awards Pre-Nomination for Contemporary Jazz Best Album 2007 'Give Me The Groove' cd. In 2005, Ventrella recorded, arranged and produced the 'Tribute To Grover Washington, Jr.' CD in memory of the late, great saxophone player. This remarkable recording originally contained just five tracks: 'Winelight', 'Let It Flow', 'Make Me a Memory', 'Mr. Grover' (original by Ventrella) and 'Come Morning'. However, it was 'Winelight' that made Rocco a household name on Smooth Jazz stations across the Internet. 'Winelight' track was selected by Jimi King( as one of 'The best of 2005,' along with the other 14 tracks. Ventrella continued to create new recordings featuring his own compositions, including the soulful and haunting 'I Receive Your Love”. The “Tribute To Grover” and 'I Receive Your Love' CDs brought Ventrella to the attention of American producer Bruce Nazarian (he played the synclavier on the 'Giving you the best that I got' Anita Baker’s CD, Millie Scott, The Automatix), and an international alliance was born. Ventrella’s “Give Me The Groove” CD, produced by Bruce Nazarian and recorded with the collaboration of his friend pianist Renato Falaschi scored Top 20 smooth jazz radio stations with 5 tracks of the CD: Soulful Strut, Winelight, Alleria, On The Night and Give Me The Groove. Ventrella also received positive reviews from Dave Koz, George Duke, Everette Harp, Marion Meadows, Chris Standring and more. Also 'Soulful Strut' track placed #1 in Jimi King’s prestigious 2006 year-end countdown." ~ bio extract - Legere Reeds   Links: Website, Facebook and DC Bebop page.

Maya Hatch - singer, songwriter. Maya is an international singer-songwriter from Seattle, currently based in Tokyo. As a child, she began acting and singing for various educational programs, television stations and musical productions. Her voice has been featured on several mainstream Japanese commercials, television shows and motion picture soundtracks. After graduating high school in Seattle, Maya went on to further her studies in jazz at The New School in NYC. While she was there, she was discovered by Spice of Life, through which she released two vocal jazz albums “My Foolish Heart” (2009) and “Li’l Darlin’” (2012). She has shared the stage with Jazz giants such as Ron Carter and Richard Bona, Hip-Hop icons such as ZEEBRA, R&B heroes BOYZ II MEN, Japanese Pop stars such as EXILE ATSUSHI and Shikao Suga, and most recently has collaborated with the hit-making living legend Babyface on her newly released single “Fly Away.” She has performed with a host of musicians over the years, as front and backing singer on numerous stages and many albums. Maya has performed with UnMe, Suga Shikao, on the Cheer Dan Movie Soundtrack, with Room56, Hiroko Otsuka, Exile Atsushi several tours, with the C.U.G. Jazz Orchestra, DJ53+84, Ayumi Unno, Taku Takahashi, N.O.B a.k.a. COCOSPIN, Kazuhiro Sunaga, Satoshi Yoshida, Inhyeok Yeo, Kan Sano, on the Kids meet Jazz album, with , Hiroko Otsuka, Shanti, JAZZ NOW, Caramel Jazz, No Regular Play and Guy Gerber. Maya can be heard performing with jazz giants such as Ron Carter and Richard Bona, hip-hop icons such as ZEEBRA, and Japanese pop stars such as EXILE ATSUSHI and Shikao Suga, Maya demonstrates her wide musical ability to seamlessly cross genres and win the hearts of her listeners with her unique and sincere voice. Check her calendar for performances near you. Links: Website, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Facebook, Spotify Pandora and DC Bebop page.

Cecile Corbel, Celtic harpist, composer and singer. Cécile was born in Brittany, the Celtic region in the north-west of France. While growing up, Cécile traveled all over Brittany with her parents, who were puppeteers. She learned to play the guitar, but in her teens discovered the Celtic harp. At the age of 18 Cécile went to Paris to study to become an archeologist. Instead, she found herself performing at concerts, pubs and cafes and eventually she self-produced her first album "Harpe celtique & Chants du monde" and was then noticed and approached by Keltia Musique, which is Sinead O'Connor and Loreena McKennitt's label. Cécile released "Kari-gurashi"(2010), "Songbook Vol. 3" (2011), Song Book Vol. 4 (2013), La Fiancee (2014) and Vagabonde (2016). From a review in Musical Discoveries, “Corbel's unique harp technique and her appealing young voice, sometimes compared to Kate Bush's, reveal a world encompassing ancient poems, original compositions, Celtic tunes and Mediterranean melodies. It is said that Cécile Corbel takes you for a trip out of a time. Following the path of prestigious musicians such as Alan Stivell, the young Breton composer and singer now performs her Celtic and world music with her musicians in France and all over the world.”  Links: Website, Facebook, YouTube, Albums and DC Bebop page.

Bass player, composer-songwriter, Raymond d'Huy.   Raymond is a self-taught bass player born in Guadeloupe (French West Indies). He began playing guitar at the age of seven after his brother Philippe introduced him to the instrument. Since this first exposure, he has discovered the beauty of music and art as an expression of a free human being. Raymond is Co-founder of the Caraibe Jazz Ensemble, he has been performing on the Guadeloupe scene since 1978. In 2007 Rayond released his lastest album entitled "MesTissages", which is also a word game meaning "interbreeding".   The album is a mix of "different rhythms such as Biguine, Mazurka, Gwo Ka sounds, Latin-Jazz and much more". Recorded with long-time friends, " MesTissages" is a subtle "musical rainbow, a texture of different influences blend together in one great mix". In 2009, Raymond and his band opened for SMV (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten) at Abymes. The band then formed the trio, "Alchimik's", and released a self-titled album. Their musicwas well received in the Caribbean and also on Martinique. In 2012, Raymond released, " Bikabass". The bass centric CD, which features a compilation of music performed during Raymond's career, from the Caribbean Jazz Ensemble, through his performances with groups and trios. Raymond can be heard performing at venues on Guadalope.  Links: Bandcamp, Facebook and DC Bebop.

TOSIN - Drummer, Songwriter and Musical Producer.   Tosin grew up in Nigeria. As far back as he can recall, he was drawn to music of various origins through his father's vast album collection, which included artists from around the world. Tosin's initial education in music started from consciously listening to those records, as well as reading the liner notes. His early attraction to music and its influence on him gave rise to a passion for the music of his homeland. Today, his music reflects these early roots. As a person of Pan-African viewpoint, Tosin professes that, "my music is a mixture of African rhythmic idioms and elements of jazz and blues, with lyrics of hope, love and human realities." In the mean time, Tosin is in the studio working on his next album." Tosin has appeared at the Percussive Arts Society’s International Convention as both a clinician and a performer. He has received the Individual Artist Awards for World Music Compositions from the Maryland State Arts Council. Over several years, Tosin has been nominated for the Wammie Awards for "best world music instrumentalist" by the Washington Area Music Association. Tosin has appeared on the MTV’s Realworld Show and Fox 5 News in Washington DC with his group, Afrikan Rhapsody. He "has released 4 albums (What's On Your Mind, 2006; Drum Monologue, 2008; Restoration, 2012; Life Begins, 2013). His most recent projects are some singles released in 2015 and 2016, which include an afro-jazzy remix of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. His band has performed, both as headliner and opening act, at various festivals and jazz venues. Tosin continues to develop his musical concept, teach and conduct workshops." Links:, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, YouTube DCB Musician feature page

Andrea Celeste - Singer, songwriter, lyricist .   Andrea was born in Pontedera, Italy. She began studying classical singing and piano at an early age, and performed publicly for the first time when she was 11 years old. She received invitations to perform with "national and international Gospel projects and singers. In 2002 Andrea won a scholarship for the International Gospel Seminar in Castelbrando where she shared the stage with Mario Biondi and Cheryl Porter."   In July 2007, Andrea started work on her fist solo album, “My Reflection”, which was released in 2008. Upon its release, “My Reflection” achieved critical acclaim around the world. Her work "has been compared to such artists as Anita Baker, Diana Krall and Eva Cassidy." The entire CD was re-released for distribution in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macao, and in June 2009 “My Reflection” was also published in Korea by the Label Enbluu (WorkSpace). In 2009 Andrea released “Enter Eyes” with the internationally acclaimed jazz pianist Andrea Pozza. In May of 2012, she released "Something Amazing," with the following coments,  "we blended the amazing World percussions of Marco Fadda with the Jazz-Gospel touch of the greatest Dado Moroni and the groovy yet smooth bass lines of Lucas Bellotti ... The result is simply a sound that’s unique and I’m crazy about it!  My new original songs are the synthesis of the last three years spent touring, singing, recording and always searching for something… My emotions and feelings are free and I am ready to release them…" Andrea released "Something Amazing" (album) and "Born to Be Alive" (single) in 2012 and "Se Stasera Sono Qui" in 2013. Links: SoundCloud, Website, Facebook, Reverbnation and DC Bebop.

Neil Warden - Blue Soul Groove - Neil has played and recorded guitar for over 40 years. He has performed live at festival and theatre venues and composed music for film and video within a wide cross section of genres. He played guitar with the legendary Tam White for 25 years, before releasing his first solo album with Blue Soul Groove. The band is Neil Warden (guitar), John Burgess (sax/flute), Ronnie Rae Jr. (keys), Bobby Heatlie Sr. and Ant Davies (bass). His musical inspirations were musicians like George Benson, Nile Rodgers, Larry Carlton, and groups like The Average White Band and The Crusaders. Blue Soul Groove's first self titled five track EP released in 2006, was well received, and provided an impetus to eventually release "Turn Back the Time" in 2008. Neil said he was interested in expanding the EP, but put it on the "back burner" to focus on work with Tam White, Boz Burell (Bad Company) and Border's singer songwriter Allie Fox. "Turn Back The Time" was released in 2011. Neil and Stuart Mitchell collaborated on the release of "Silent Sky" in 2015.He has performed with: Tam White, Boz Burrell, Peter Straker, Camille O'Sullivan, Maggie Bell, Brian Kellock, Dave Heath, John Burgess, Stuart Mitchell, Stevey Hay's Shades Of Blue, Aqua Bassino and more.     Links: Reverbnation, Website, YouTube, Facebook and DC Bebop page.

Marlene Souza Lima, Guitarist - Marlene was born in Rio de Janeiro, but grew up in Brasília when it became Brazil's new capital. Her father was a saxophonist and her mother a music lover so music has always been part of her life. Marlene started playing the guitar when she was a teenager.  She studied music at the prestigious "School of Music of Brasilia" learning to play from several famous Brazilian guitarists.  In the years following her studies, she performed in theaters, bars of Brasilia and Goiânia with several instrumental groups, but notably with the "Loga'Ritmo" band, the "Maracatu Banda", and the big band "Popular Brasilia Orquestra".  A gifted guitarist herself, she has continued to  perform in many venues in Brasilia.   She also teaches "violão and guitar at an  institute "The Plant of Sounds Course of Music" in Brazil.  Marlene released her  first CD, "My Way," in 2011.  Links: Website, Reverbnation, Facebook, YouTube and DC Bebop page.

Adam Smale, 7-string Fingerstyle Jazz Guitarist, composer and author .  From Bar River, Ontario, Canada, Adam got his musical calling at the age of seven, he had wanted to the play 5-string banjo, but was told he was too small to play it so he turned to the guitar. By the age of twelve, he was performing at community events, became a member of the musician's union, and was on the road, gaining valuable experience, playing bars and weddings around Northern Ontario when he was fourteen. To further his musical evolution Adam moved to Toronto where he enrolled in the music program at Humber College. While at Humber, he was introduced to the music of the jazz greats, as well as to other types of music which heightened his appreciation of the music of his country.  Around this time, he began developing his own style of Jazz.  Years after graduating  from college he was influenced by the work of the late Lenny Breau, whose style inspired him "to discard his flatpick to wield a thumpick once again--a return to his youth."  Adam's musical transition from the flatpick prompted him to modify his guitar. To this end "he designed a seven-string guitar and had a local luthier build it for him. Adam says, "With six strings, I felt a little boxed in. I now have more flexibility with the extra string."  In 2000 Adam released his first CD, "Fun City" (CD Baby).  In 2002 the Adam Smale Quartet placed 2nd in the renowned Grand Prix de Jazz contest at the Montreal Jazz Festival. During his career Adam has performed in South America, India, in the Middle East, as well as performing in the Toronto area and in northern U.S. cities.   In 2011, Adam published " New Approach to Scales for Guitarists: A Practical Modern Approach" wirtten for both guitarista and bassists.  You can preview the book. He released " Out of the Blue" in March 2014. Website: Adam Smale Jazz   Buy: Adam's Music, Other Links:  Facebook Reverbnation, Music and DC Bebop page.

Keila Abeid, Singer, Songwriter - Keila is a native of São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil. She began singing at her church when she was six. Since her early beginning, she has studied many styles and types of music. She attended both the Fundação das Artes and ULM (São Paulo Universidade Livre de Musica), two of the most important music schools in Brazil. After performing as a solist in Theatro São Pedro, on a tribute to Elis Regina, she began singing Brazilian music and jazz with her quartet.  She performed in the main houses of São Paulo beside great musicians like Filó Machado, Itamar Collaço, Rogério Botter Maio, Débora Gurgel among others. She participated in a tribute to Elis Regina, together with other singers such as Silvia Maria, Adriana Godoy and the great Fátima Guedes. In 2008 she created and performed the concert "No Balanço Pilantragem", a tribute to singer Wilson Simonal. Later in that same year she was invited to participate in André Madi's show, in Sesc Santana, where she shared the stage with Marcelo Mariano and Adriano Trindade. In 2009 Keila organized her trio, with her on vocals, Fábio Leandro on piano and Filó Machado on guitar. In 2009 she also launched a project to complete her first CD titled "Muito Prazer" which in Portuguese has double meaning, “Too much pleasure” and “Nice to meet you”. Keila is producing a new CD with the musical direction of Fábio Leandro.    Links: , Facebook, Website, Reverbnation and DC Bebop page.

Gemma Genazzano is from Barcelona. "She is the daughter of late Italian actor, Oswaldo Genazzano and the granddaughter of Italian actress Gemma Genazzano, who worked with the legendary Federico Fellini." While growing up, Gemma studied classical music and developed an attraction to both jazz and gospel music, but Jazz and Soul music won out.  "Gemma left her classical studies and began singing and performing at clubs and festivals throughout Spain."  Her skills and talent earned a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and while attending Berklee, she participated in and won numerous music composition awards. Gemma's musical charisma has captivated audiences from New York to Barcelona, and around the world. Her popularity is contributed to her "irresistible voice, Spanish lyrics, exotic melodies, and sensual soul rhythms." In her musical travels, Gemma has graced the stages of jazz music festivals in Europe.  She has performed at New York’s Blue Note Jazz Club and Madison Square Garden. In 2009 Genna released her first album " Si Me Quieres/If You Love Me,"  and with it, she created "an entirely new crossover genre of music … Jazzy Latin Soul."    Links: Reverbnation, Website, YouTube Channel and DC Bebop page.

Singer, songwriter, Loide - Born in France, raised in Cali. Loide has been singing since Kindergarten. She did "musicals and choirs through elementary and High School. She sang in the church and trained in Classical from High School through her second year of College. One day in high school she heard Nancy Wilson singing "Guess who I saw today" and the moment defined part of her journey into singing Jazz. She would identify herself as a "Jazz Vocalist", but she notes in an interview in " African Loft", that Jazz "does not encompass what I do musically or where I’d like to go with the music. I still love and adore Jazz, and implement it into the sounds and layers of where I’m evolving musically, but I’m reaching closer to home now. Home being the melodies and rhythms out of Lusophone Africa, particularly Mozambique and Guinea Bissau". In 2009, Loide recently released her first CD titled " Loide, Live at Bohemian Caverns".   Links: Facebook, Reverbnation and DC Bebop page.

Cheikh Ndoye, bassist, composer, arranger - Cheikh is an accomplished musical artist whose music is a rich fusion of jazz and world music influences stemming from his West African heritage combined with his love for classic and contemporary American jazz. Originally from Senegal, Cheikh’s fascination with the diverse, rich sounds and rhythms of the local music scene started in his prime age. Early in his life Cheikh played the piano, and was attracted to many jazz greats. His love for Jazz put him on a historical path of investigation into this genre, again at quite an early age. After listening to Weather Report‘s 8:30 album, he was so captivated by Jaco Pastorius melodic and harmonic developments that he immediately fell in love with the bass guitar. He has played and recorded with great artists such as Russell Ferrante, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Karen Briggs, Lao Tizer, Dean Brown, Mike Stern, Leni Stern, Frederic Yonnet, and Randy Brecker a number of who appear on his first CD, an album entitled “a Child’s Tale". Links: Facebook, Reverbnation and DC Bebop page.

Michel Herrera Alvarez - Saxophonist, Arranger and Composer - Michel is from Havana, Cuba.  He began "his conservatory training at the age of 10 at Escuela Elemental de Musica Manuel Samuell as a saxophone major where he completed his basic studies."   He also studied saxophone at the "prestigious conservatory Conservatorio Amadeo Roldan."  While studying at Roldan, he began developing his own unique "style of classical and popular music combined."  It was at Roldan that his interest in Jazz was born.   Michel's unique style won him an award at the international JoJazz competition in 2005 and the adoration of the audience.  At the Jojazz competition in 2006 he received an award for composition and interpretation. This competition exhibited Michel's musical development with "a more solid concept, both musically and aesthetically."  In 2010 Michel was given the great honor of being on the panel of judges at the JoJazz competition. Also, in 2010, Michel and Joven Jazz released their first CD En La Espera” to good reviews.   Links: Facebook and DC Bebop page.

Roberto A. Tyson - Guitarist, Soloist, Arranger and Composer -  Roberto was born in Cuba into a musical family.  He was schooled in the ways of the grandmasters of jazz by his father, also a guitarist and assisted in his musical evolution by his mother, a singer and pianist. Early in his musical career, Roberto was a noted child prodigy and obtained a reputation for the quality of his musical sounds. Growing up around the guitar created a natural attraction to the instrument and he began strumming it while still a toddler. It was not the first instrument he attempted, but quickly became his unwavering musical extension. Roberto came to the U.S. and continued to evolve his musical skills through his involvement with musical groups in the Tampa Bay area while growing up.  Partnering with a childhood friend, Cedric C. Givens, Roberto and Cedric created and released their first CD "Nemesis Bleu" in 1997.  They have continued to collaborate over the years and released their latest CD "It's Who We Are" with bassist Cheik Ndoye in 2007.  Since the release of the most recent CD,  Roberto has immersed himself in the music.  He has joined with numerous musicians in the DC area to create many varieties of music.  He can be heard performing as a soloist, performing with flautist Arch Thompson as the TnT Jazz Duo, playing with the Cachaca Latin Jazz Trio, with the Sabroso Latin Jazz Ensemble which features Arch and percussionist "Killer Joe" Falero.  Roberto is also active with Cedric and their N-GROOVE band.   Links: WebsiteFacebook, Reverbnation and DC Bebop page.

Alex Martin, Guitarist - A native of Rennes, Brittany (France), who settled in the Washington DC area several years ago. Alex grew up largely in North Carolina, but has traveled through Spain and Latin America. Over the course of his musical career, he has studied with former Thelonious Monk trumpeter Ray Copeland and nylon-string jazz guitar legend Gene Bertoncini. His own jazz is a mix of original compositions as well as U.S., French, and Brazilian standards that reflects his different backgrounds and passions, his style, which he calls “New World jazz.”  Alex released his first CD "Nostalgia for Terra Incognita" with vocalist Lena Seikaly, bassist Leonardo Lucini, and drummer Alejandro Lucini in 2007. His latest CD is "Second Life" released in January 2010. Alex recorded "Second Life" with Charlotte bassist Ron Brendle and Wilmington drummer Thomas Garner. In addition to music, Alex is also a novelist and poet, with his music being a direct extension those talents.   Links: website and Discography.

Miguelito (Jaime Miguel Barrera) - multi-instrumentalist, music composer, producer and arranger . Miguelito is from Brazil and is known for developing a fusion style music. He says he has always been interested in creating melodies and likes writing soundtracks for films. He has recorded with many musicians all over the world, and enjoys being in contact with them through the music he creates. He published his first vinyl recording in 1992, titled "Miguel Tatton Instrumental". In 2004 he released his second album in CD titled "Miguelito Instrumental"  As a producer, has worked with groups like "Soul Friends" to developed soul music, and the "Time Travellers" on rock projects. More recently, he has been working on his "Amazonia".  Megilito is a "Nature lover", and says he "lives right among Brazilian Pantanal", and believes "every human being should plant at least one tree in their lifetime." Links: Facebook, YouTube and DC Bebop page.

Pepe Coloma - Guitarist, born and raised in Lima, Peru. Pepe moved to New Orleans in 1979, then to Boston in 1981 where he studied guitar with Mordy Ferber and Oscar Stagnaro. While in Boston he played with John Payne and Grupo Galaxia. He moved back to New Orleans in 1991 where he studied under Hank Mackie and Richie Zellon for a brief period of time. He plays guitar and bass; has arranged and sometimes directed "Fredy Omar con su Banda". Pepe performs as a freelance musician at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. He has done this every year for the last 14 years.  Pepe has played for Cubanismo at Cafe Brasil, (it was dubbed 'the best show of the year 1999'), with Poncho Sanchez (at the Blue Nile), and Teatro Milenio (at Tulane University and at Cafe Brasil), opened for Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri, Ruben Blades, Gilberto SantaRosa, Maraca and Arturo Sandoval - to name a few. Pepe is currently recording songs for an upcoming Cd.   Link: Bass player - Fredy Omar Band, The Jazz Network Worldwide and Facebook

Singer, songwriter, and dancer Rimi brings her unique genre of pop with an Indian flavor to the American music scene. Her music, the product of a unique and versatile combination of Eastern and Western upbringing, gives richness to her personality and performances. Rimi has performed with several popular artists in india, including Sonu Nigam, famous playback singer, and A.R. Rahman, renowned music composer. She completed her own fusion self-titled pop album, "Rimi," which she first in India. Her dream is to eventually create a place for Indian music in the American pop scene and globally. She has released two additional albums. The "Unveiling" (2008) and "Cross Over" (2011). Links: Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Facebook, Weebly website, YouTube and DC Bebop page.

"Ney Mello is hailed as an outstanding virtuoso and brilliant composer in the world jazz scene by legends such as Al Di Meola. Being a renaissance man of the guitar, he has garnered numerous awards for extraordinary achievement in the arts and has been featured soloist in recent chart topping rock releases and performed Indian classical music with tabla master Broto Roy. He is at home on electric and acoustic guitar. Ney performs coast to coast and internationally." Links: Website, Reverbnation, Reverbnation, Wikipedia and website Store.

Ray J, Saxophonist - Rachel Jones is originally from the North of England - Yorkshire.  Her family moved to Perth, Australia where she grew up.  In her musical career she has toured extensively but has returned to Perth.  Rachel has performed on stage with Diana Ross, Barney Kessel, Paul Grabowski, Dale Barlow, Don Pullen and Jane Bunnett,  to name a few.  Rachel produces music under her label "Pure Energy Productions".   Links: Website and Facebook.

Rafael Monteagudo - Drummer/Percussionist - Born in Havana, Cuba. Rafael has toured with the Washington Ballet & Walter Bell. He has shared the stage with Roy Hargrove, Dave Koz, T.S. Monk, FatBurger, Rebecca Ruby, and Lou Volpe  among others.  Website, and Facebook.