Bob Baldwin - contemporary jazz pianist, music composer, author, and producer.  Bob is a multi-facetted person. He is a Jazz Artist, Radio Host, Music Presenter, Arts Advocate, Educator, and Author. He has "a vision to take his gift of music to bless those less fortunate, and raise funds for organizations in need of help." Bob is originally from Mount Vernon, N.Y. He began playing piano when he was four years old, and was taught by his father, Robert Baldwin, Sr., who was an accomplished jazz pianist and upright bassist. In his youth, Bob would accompany his father to jam sessions near home, and had the opportunity to listen to and study the music of "the masters of the Westchester region." Later, Bob was influenced musically by a number of artists, "strongly by Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Patrice Rushen, Chick Corea, EWF, Joe Sample, Ramsey Lewis, Miles Davis, and George Duke." His style is "a by-product of these artists." During the 80's, Bob performed with a who's who of talent, including Roy Ayers, Gerald Albright Dean James, Chieli Minucci, Jocelyn Brown, Kim Waters, Will Downing, Marion Meadows, Najee, the late Grover Washington, Jr., and Noel Pointer and many others.  (2010), Bob released "Never Can Say Goodbye: A Tribute to Michael Jackson," "Betcha By Golly Wow: The Songs Of Thom Bell" (2012). "The Brazilian-American Soundtrack" (2016), "Never Out of Season " (2017), and "Abbey Road and the Beatles," in 2018. Bob can be seen and heard in venues nationally and internationally.  Links: Website, Facebook, DiscographyReverbnationand DC Bebop page.


Hadley Caliman
Hadley Caliman - Straight Ahead (2009) "The most appealing thing about Hadley Caliman, save for his very eloquent name, is his equally eloquent and understated tenor saxophone playing. Firmly in a post-John Coltrane context, Caliman plays a virile and muscular tenor saxophone whose tone compels because of its carefully crafted rough edges. Straight Ahead follows up his 2008 Origin release Gratitude. Caliman joins a ratified group of Left Coast jazz musicians who interrupted their careers, including Art Pepper, Frank Morgan, Ed Reed, and Dexter Gordon (if you count his expatriation), among others. Caliman was active from the late 1960s through 1980, recording with Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles as well as Bobby Hutcherson and Freddie Hubbard. Then, he dropped out of sight, resurfacing with Gratitude."   ~ C. Michael Bailey -


Alice Coltrane
Alice Coltrane - Ptah the El Daoud (1970) 
"Ptah the El Daoud is a truly great album, and listeners who surrender themselves to it emerge on the other side of its 46 minutes transformed. From the purifying catharsis of the first moments of the title track to the last moments of "Mantra," with its disjointed piano dance and passionate ribbons of tenor cast out into the universe, the album resonates with beauty, clarity, and emotion.".  - ~ Stacia Proefrock - THE ALLMUSIC BLOG, Wikipedia, CD Discography, and MySpace page.

Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda (1971) "The CD reissue of Alice Coltrane's landmark Journey to Satchidananda reveals just how far the pianist and widow of John Coltrane had come in the three years after his death. The compositions here are wildly open and droning figures built on whole tones and minor modes. And while it's true that one can definitely hear her late husband's influence on this music, she wouldn't have had it any other way. Pharoah Sanders' playing on the title cut, "Shiva-Loka," and "Isis and Osiris" (which also features the Vishnu Wood on oud and Charlie Haden on bass) is gloriously restrained and melodic. Coltrane's harp playing, too, is an element of tonal expansion as much as it is a modal and melodic device. With a tamboura player, Cecil McBee on bass, Rashied Ali on drums, and Majid Shabazz on bells and tambourine, tracks such as "Stopover Bombay" and the D minor modally drenched "Something About John Coltrane" become exercised in truly Eastern blues improvisation. "     ~ Tom Jurek -


Music Arts session - Concert, Station, PBS, NPR and other live mini concert sessions and interviews. Prince and The Revolution - Purple Rain (Live in Syracuse, March 30, 1985)
May 22, 2020 Official Video of Prince - Purple Rain Live at Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY on March 30, 1985 original released on Prince & The Revolution: Live (1986). 2020 Audio Remaster by Bernie Grundman. The remastered audio from the entire concert is now available in digital format for the first time Amazon: - Prince - Purple Rain [1984]


Joseph Heller - CATCH-22 (1961) "Catch-22 tells the story of one Captain John Yossarian, an Air Force bomber pilot in WWII. While lots of people might think of him as a hero for his brave service, Yossarian sees past all the pomp and patriotism and understands war as something else entirely: sheer madness. The book condemns both war itself and the powers that carry out this systematic carnage. It's famous for its satirical tone, fractured narrative, and linguistic flourishes—all of which reflect the nonsensical nature of the military enterprise that has Yossarian feeling hopelessly stuck. And that phrase—hopelessly stuck—pretty much sums up the whole novel. These boys, as the title suggests, are in a classic catch-22."     Amazon Books


James Grady - Condor series "The novel that inspired the Robert Redford film Three Days of the Condor. Sandwiches save Ronald Malcolm’s life. On the day that gunmen pay a visit to the American Literary Historical Society, he’s out at lunch. The Society is actually a backwater of the Central Intelligence Agency, where Malcolm and a few other bookworms comb mystery novels for clues that might unlock real life diplomatic questions. One of his colleagues has learned something he wasn’t meant to know. A sinister conspiracy has penetrated the CIA, and the gunmen are its representatives. They massacre the office, and only learn later of Malcolm—a loose end that needs to be dealt with." ~ Books: Six Days of the Condor, Shadow of the Condor,, Next Day of the Condor, Last Days of the Condor  Kindle Books


Purple Rain (1984)

"Despite its initial critical drubbing, "Purple Rain" won the Oscar for Best Original Song Score, an award His Purple Badness snatched from the grasp of Kris Kristofferson AND the Muppets. Said song score became a smash-hit soundtrack popular enough to battle Bruce Springsteen’s "Born in the USA" for chart domination. The "Purple Rain" album ended one side with the 9 minute titular track, and the other with the song partially responsible for the "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics" stickers that adorn countless CDs today. Despite coming from a very R-rated feature, there isn’t a profanity stronger than "hell" on the entire soundtrack. In fact, "Purple Rain" doesn’t even carry the advisory sticker it spawned on its cover." ~   Link: Purple Rain (1984) - Buy/Rent Watch online


Jaranita - located at 3340 Steiner St, San Francisco. Ceviche has become tightly associated with Peruvian food, but the team at Jaranita — which opened Friday [January 2021] — is hoping to expose the city of San Francisco to another side of Peruvian cuisine — particularly the region's wonderful dishes kissed with fire by a charcoal grill. Chef Javier Cussato told SFGATE, "Jaranita is a great opportunity for us to keep showing Peruvian food to not only San Francisco, but to the world. Most of the Peruvian places, they offer a lot of seafood options, as we are very well known for the ceviches. But here we're gonna present a little twist and focus on the grill part of Peruvian cuisine."   SF Gate 01/30/2021, Website: Jaranita.

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