Tom Rob Smith - Agent 6 (2012) "Agent 6 is the third in Tom Rob Smith's trilogy about a former MGB agent, Leo Demidov. It opens with a flashback to the younger Leo in 1950, a committed secret policeman of 27 who has just discovered the of a young artist. Polina Peshkova has committed no crime beyond wanting to keep for herself some private space, but like millions of others in the Soviet Union, she is sucked into what Evgenia Ginzburg described as "the whirlwind" of arrest, interrogation and punishment. Her mistake has been to leave a single sooty fingerprint on her writing desk, and this is enough for Leo to deduce that the diary may well be hidden in the chimney. The consequences of the investigation begin a journey that will strip from Leo the satisfactions of career, status and certainty."     ~ and Amazon Books