Mariah Parker - Windows Through Time (2024) "Windows Through Time is Mariah Parker’s latest exploration into the depths of Latin jazz, articulated through the lens of her unique musical vision. This album is a confluence of cultures, time periods, and musical expressions, encapsulated within seven masterfully crafted tracks. Each piece is a vignette, offering listeners a portal into varied emotional landscapes and narratives, meticulously woven together by Parker and her ensemble of accomplished musicians. The new album brings together a constellation of musicians whose contributions are cohesive and interactive. The interplay between Claudia Villela’s haunting vocals and Paul McCandless’ saxophone on the title track exemplifies the album’s synergistic spirit, creating a dialogue that is magical and transformative. Matthew Montfort, known for his pioneering work on scalloped fretboard guitar, introduces a unique timbral quality that blends seamlessly with the intricate rhythms provided by the ensemble. This collaborative approach enriches the album’s sound palette but also embodies Parker’s vision of bridging musical traditions through shared creativity and exploration." ~ Press Release - - Links:   Mariah Parker Website, Indo Latin Jazz page, Reverbnation, Facebook and Mariah Parker - DC Bebop page.


SINGLES:    PG 1  -   PG 2  -   PG 3  -   PG 4  -   PG 5

Ronny Smith - Struttin (2024) "Jazz guitarist Ronny Smith is releasing a new album titled “Struttin’.” Set for release April 19, 2024, the album is rich with the sounds of soul and r&b, but it sounds like jazz, too. Smith and the musicians he has chosen to join him have created a soundscape that might change some people’s perception of jazz. The music is energized and thoughtful, but it seems to have the audience in mind. Smith presents fresh arrangements for two classics, but the other eight songs are original. Likely, listeners will not forget this album any time soon. “Struttin'” has all the makings of an instant classic." ~ Dodie Miller-Gould -

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Oli Silk
In Real Life (2024)

Mariah Parker
Windows Through Time (2024)

Jazz Funk Soul
Jazz Funk Soul (2014)

Reza Khan
Mystical (2024)

Nicholas Cole
Night Sessions (2015)

Paolo Rustichelli (2024)
Tempus Fugit (Radio Edit)

Pieces of a Dream
Love's Silhouette (2002)

Rick Habana
The Collaborations (2023)

Norman Brown
It Hits Different (2024)

U-NAM (2023)
Sunshine of Mine (Deluxe Edition)

Boney James
Detour (2022)

ecessity (2020)

Cal Harris Jr
Bridges (2024)

Jonathan Butler
: Ubuntu (2023)

Deni Hines
Delicious (2007)

James 'PJ' Spraggins
Stick It Out (2023)

Bobby Hutcherson
Linger Lane (1975)

Quintin Gerard W
Tell Me Something (Single) (2024)

Mariah Parker's Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble
Live in Concert (2017)

Cory Weeds
Home Cookin' (2023)

Endea Owens
Feel Good Music (2023)

Jun Iida
Evergreen (2024)

Steve Nelson
Sound-Effect (2007)

Lin Rountree
Think Of Me (2024) [Single]

Boney James
Seduction (1995)

The Universe Smiles Upon You (2015)

Jonathan Butler
Surrender (2002)

Ana Paula Moreti (2023)
Grandes Clássicos Brasileiros

Jonathan Kreisberg
Night Songs (2009)

Christian de Mesones
Hispanica (2021)

Emmaline (2023)
Retro Kind of Love

Lin Rountree
The Message (2023)

Angela Bofill
Angel of the Night (1979)

Jazz Funk Soul
Forecast (2022)

Mark Elliott
The Transition (2007)

Miles Davis (1967)

Melvin Taylor (1997)
Dirty Pool

Heads of State
Search For Peace (2015)

Dave Stryker
Blue Soul (2023)

Emmaline (2023)
Cozy November [Single]

Paolo Rustichelli (1992)
Mystic Jazz

Samara Joy
Linger Awhile (2022)

Steve Cole
Without a Doubt (2023)

Take Me There (2022)

Brendan Rothwell
Destiny (2022)

Russ Hewitt (2022)
Chasing Horizons

Patrick Lamb

Kiana Ledé
I Choose You (2017) [Single]

Jessy J
Right on Time (2023) [Single]

Jose' James
Lean On Me (2018)

Ryan La Valette

Jeff Lorber Fusion
The Drop (2023)

Keyan Williams
Embracing You (2023) [Single]

Donell Jones
Where I Wanna Be (1999)

Paul Carr
The Real Jazz Whisperer (2020)

Sharon Robinson
Everybody Knows (2008)

Bob Baldwin
I Want To Know What Love Is (2017)

Quiet Nights: Jazz & Bossa Nova (2019)

Nate White
Up Close (2018)

Morgan James
Nobody's Fool (2023)

Cal Bennett
Got 2b Revolutionary (2017)

Dominique Hammons
Soul Capsule, Vol. 1 (2021)

Justin-Lee Schultz
Just In The Moment (2023)

Miles Davis
Kind Of Blue (1959)

Lucine Fyelon
Imperfect (2023)

Langston Hughes II (2023)
Live at The Hemmingway Room

Dave Koz (2018)
Summer Horns II From A To Z

Catalogue (2006)

Brian Culbertson
Colors of Love (2018)

Phyllis Hyman (1999)
Under Her Spell - Greatest Hits

Boney James
Detour (2022)

Everything But The Girl (1990)
The Language of Life

Bill McGee
The Tree of Life (2023)

Jane Bunnett and Maqueque
Playing With Fire (2023)

Tim Ray
Fire & Rains (2023)

Lonnie Liston Smith (2023)
Jazz Is Dead

Chloe Jean (2023)
Fairy Tale Fail

Olepash (2020)

Champion Fulton
Birdsong (2020)

Stanley Clarke
Passenger 52 (1992)

Ken Fowser
Resolution (2023)

John R. Burr & Mads Tolling (2023)

Black Art Jazz Collective
Ascension (2020)

Keiko Matsui
Euphoria (2023)

Ronnie Laws
Voices in the Water (2009)

Robin Bramlett
This Is My Life (2013)

Cindy Bradley
Unscripted (2011)

Carol Albert
Magic Mirror (2022)

Johnny Britt
After We Play (2023)

Brian Culbertson
Another Long Night Out (2014)

Nasar Abadey and Supernova
Diamond in the Rough (2010)

Michael Dease (2023)
The Other Shoe: The Music of Gregg Hill

Reasons (2019)

Rising Sun (2007)

Os Alquimistas & Osmar Ribeiro
I've Been Losing You (2020) [Single]

Regina Carter
Something For Grace (1997)

Sublime Reggae Kings, Luca Giacco
I Want To Know What Love Is (2019)

Kiku Collins
Here With You (2007)

Glenn Jones & Regina Belle (2018)
Love By Design

Johannes Linstead (2021)
Bohemian Strings

Sona Jobarteh
Fasiya (2011)

Eric Essix
Stride (2022)

Tim Wagoner And Wild Blue Yonder
More Good Whiskey Blues (1993)

Gota (2002)
Best of Gota

Sadao Watanabe (1981)
Orange Express

Seattle Groove
Seattle Groove (1998)

Jim Adkins
Soul Expression (2022)

Rachelle Ferrell (2000)
Individuality (Can I Be Me?)

Jonathan Parker
The Remainder (2018)

Four Songs & A Bootleg (2022)

Cool Shades (2022)

Chelsea Nichole (2023)
Love Letters

Bob Baldwin (2023)
Rejuvenate [Single]

Wayne Wilentz
Break of Dawn (2004)

Trigger (2017)

China Moses
Eleven Jazz Standards (2015)

Bob Belden
Shades of Blue (1996)

Vel Lewis and Michael Garvin (2022) (Single)

Wakana (2022)
A Sunny Day

Fourplay (1991)

Jazz Funk Soul
Forecast (2022)

Zachary Breaux & Hubert Laws
Uptown Groove (1997)

Norah Jones(2002)
Don't know why

Bill Evans
Push (1994)

Stanley Clarke
Passenger 52 (1992)

Mick Kolassa
Michissippi Mick (2014)

Sal La Rocca
Shifted (2018)

Norman Brown
Let's Get Away (2022)

Lindsey Webster
Reasons (2022)

Joey DeFrancesco
Organic Vibes (2006)

Rebecca Jade
Show Me (2022)

Althea René
Pastel Leather (2022)

Dr. Lonnie Smith
Think (1969)

Les Sabler
Tranquility (2021)

Idris Muhammad
Power of Soul (1974)

Kytami (2020)
Sirens / Silk Road

Brian Blade / Christian McBride / Brad Mehldau / Joshua Redman -
LongGone (2022)

Melody Diachun
Sumner's Tales - The Music of Sting (2022)

Norman Brown (1996)
Better Days Ahead

Maye (2019)
Tú (Single)

Dennis Murphy (2021)
Our Higher Selves

Brooke Alford (2018)
Closer Remixes

Spur of the Moment
N2 Deep (2017)

Pieces of a Dream
Fired Up (2021)

Ragan Whiteside
Thrill Ride (2022)

Harriet Tubman
Araminta (2018)

akiko (2008)
What's Jazz Style

WIllie Jones III (2010)
The Next Phase

Euge Groove
Just Feels Right (2005)

Guitar Heaven (2010)

Music of the World (2016)

Terence Young
Love Stories (2010)

Ryan Porter
The Optimist (2018)

Lao Tizer (2018)
Songs from the Swinghouse Combo

Grace Fox Big Band
Eleven O' Seven (2022)

Martin Roos (2021)
Commerical Free [Single]

Yellowjackets (2022)
Parallel Motion

Akiko Tsuruga
Sweet and Funky (2019)

Margo Rey (2018)
The Roots of Rey | Despacito Margo

Candy Dulfer (2003)
Right In My Soul

Damien Escobar
Songs from a Breakthrough (2020)

Pancho Sanchez
Latin Soul (1999)

Bob Baldwin
B Positive (Single) (2021)

Hadley Caliman
Straight Ahead (2009)

Melanie Faye
It's A Moot Point (2020) (Single)

Michiyo ~ TheGlee Live (2018)

Soultry Jazz (2005)

Threestyle Ft. Magdalena Chovancova
Reasons 2 Love (2018)

Tobin Mueller
Prestidigitation (2022)

Boney James
Pure (2004)

David Garfield
Giving Back (2005)

Arno Haas (2021)

Dmitri Matheny
Cascadia (2022)

Julian Vaughn
Bona Fide (2017)

Pharez Whitted
Mysterious Cargo (1996)

Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion (2011)
Groove Jazz N Chill #1

George Duke (1997)
Is Love Enough

Cindy Bradley
The Little Things (2019)

Melissa Morgan
Until I Met You (2009)

Gregg Karukas
Blue Touch (1998)

Various Artists (2011)
Disney Jazz Volume I: Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Kim Scott
SHINE! (2022)

Bobby Caldwell
What You Won't Do for Love (1978)

Torcuato Mariano
Lift Me Up (2006)

Lee Ritenour
Rhythm Sessions (2012)

Jessy J
Blue (2022)

Larry Carlton
Fingerprints (2000)

Kool & Klean
Volume 1 (2010)

Phylicia Rae
Told You So (2021)

Russ Hewitt
Chasing Horizons (2022)

Chelsea Baratz
In Faith (2009)

Melvin Taylor (1997)
Dirty Pool

Cal Harris Jr.
Soulful (2017)

Jeff Lorber Fusion
Space-Time (2021)

Lori Williams
Out of the Box (2018)

David Garfield
Giving Back (2005)

Tom Keenlyside
A Night at the Espresso (2022)

Charnett Moffett
Net Man (1987)

Darryl Anders ~ AgapeSoul (2021)
Nobody But You

Alvin Queen Trio (2021)
Night Train To Copenhagen

Blue Moods (2022)
Myth & Wisdom

Sasha Dobson with Peter Bernstein ~ Girl Talk (2021)

Aaron Burnett & The Big Machine
Jupiter Conjunction (2020)

Melody Gardot
Baby I'm A Fool (Live In Vienna) (2018)

Chelsea Baratz
Net Man (2020)

Dorothy Ashby (1970)
The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby

Joe Zawinul
75 (2008)

Lena Seikaly
Looking Back (2013)

Joe Farnsworth
City of Sounds (2021)

When This Is Over (2022)

Jazmin Ghent
Forever... Jaz (2021)

Melody Diachun
LULLABY of the LEAVES (2002)

Ahmad Jamal
Genetic Walk (1977)

Patrick Yandall
Chasing the Light (2021)

Houston Person
Live In Paris (2021)

Sarah Mckenzie
We Could Be Lovers (2014)

Rocco Ventrella (2021)

Brandee Younger
Somewhere Different (2021)

The Cookers
Look Out! (2021)

Lindsey Webster
Love Inside (2018)

Drew Simpson
Noteworthy (2011)

Nicholas Cole
Feelings (2022) (Single)

Walter Beasley
Free Your Mind (2009)

Turn It Out (2002)

Andreas Vollenweider
Caverna Magica (1982)

Larry Mitchell (2016)
The Traveler

The Crusaders
Chain Reaction (1975)

Amber Ojeda
Here I AM (2012)

Cal Bennett (2017)
Got 2b Revolutionary

Sarah Mclachlan
Bloom (Remix Album) (2005)

Candy Dulfer (2002)
Live At Montreux 2002

Sharon Robinson
Everybody Knows (2008)

Joey Alexander
Summer Rising (2021)

Bill Evans
Dragonfly (2012)

Bill Anschell
Shifting Standards (2018)

Esther Phillips
From a Whisper to a Scream (1972)

Wayman Tisdale
Decisions (1998)

Afrodisiac (2004)

Terrence Brewer
Groovin Wes (2008)

Jessy J (2009)
True Love

Peter White (1996)
Caravan of Dreams

Terell Stafford (2007)
Taking Chances: Live at the Dakota

Andre Delano
Full Circle (2004)

Steady As We Go (2021)

Adam Hawley
Risin' Up (2021)

Oberlin Jazz Faculty Ensemble
Beauty Surrounds Us (2013)

Destani Wolf
Call Me (2021)

Boney James
Contact (2011)

Jimmy Witherspoon & Richard "Groove" Holmes (1964)
As Blue as They Can Be

Alfonzo Blackwell
Tributes (2011)

Phil Denny
Urban Troubadour (2020)

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Anthem (2007)

Cedric Givens
One of a Kind (2016)

Reza Khan
Imaginary Road (2021)

Mala Waldron
Always There (2006)

Con Todo El Mundo (2018)

Dr. Dave & The HouseCall Band
Midnight Daydream (2018)

Michael Manson
Up Front (2008)

Rob Batie
Jazz Hustler (2007)

The Marvin Sewell Group
Reachin' Back (2005)

Jeanette Harris
Reflections (2007)

Eletro Pocket (2012)
Eletro Pocket

Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc Ponty
Rites of Strings (1995)

Smooth Ride (2017)

Brendan Rothwell
Time on My Hands (2016)

Grace Kelly
Mood Changes (2008)

James Carter
Conversin' With The Elders (1996)

Bob Baldwin
Newurbanjazz 3 / an Urbansmooth Suite (2021)

Tito Hinojosa
Smooth Jazz || Sax for All Vol. I (2021)

Dua Lipa
Don't Start Now (2019)

Destani Wolf & Marcel Camargo
Dandelion Dream Girl (2020)

Groovin (2002)

Eric Essix
Songs From The Deep (2020)

Mark Fulton
Mark Fulton (1999)

Embrace (2003)

David P. Stevens (2008)
The Shedd

Candy Dulfer
Candy Store (2007)

Caught In The Groove (2020)

Charlie Puth
Attention (2017)

Elan Trotman
Dear Marvin (2019)

Mike LeDonne
It's All Your Fault (2021)

Rick Braun
Around The Horn (2017)

Chris Reinhardt
Inside Identity (2014)

Art Hirahara
Open Sky (2021)

Walter Beasley
For Her (2005)

Trio Linguae
Signals (2020)

Lee Ritenour - A Twist of Marley (2001)

Carmen Lundy - Modern Ancestors (2019)

Russ Hewitt (feat. Bucharest All-Star Orchestra)
Amor Perdido (2021)

Heaven Is Right Here (2017) [Single]

Candy Dulfer
Crazy (2012)

Damien Escobar (2020)
Songs from a Breakthrough

pete belasco
Deeper (2004)

Theresa Grayson
Love2Live (2013)

Paul Carr
The Real Jazz Whisperer (2020)

Brandee Younger - Soul Awakening (2019)

Blake Aaron
Color and Passion (2020)

Full Moon (2021)

Julian Vaughn
Limitless (2015)

Richard Elliot
Crush (2001)

Nick Colionne
Arrival (1996)

Regina Belle
Reachin' Back (1995)

Con Todo El Mundo (2018)

Elijah Jamal Balbed
Lesson's from the Street (2015)

Cal Tjader
Tjader (1971)

Kayla Waters
Coevolve (2018)

Rosie Dias
People Get Ready (Single) (2018)

J White
Fearless (2019)

Wayman Tisdale
Decisions (1998)

Solex (2018)

Aretha Franklin (1973)
Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky)

James 'PJ' Spraggins
Pure Logic 2012

Maya Hatch
Lil' Darlin' (2012)

Gary Clark Jr.
This Land (2019)

Brandee Younger
Soul Awakening (2019)

Adam Hawley (2018)
Double Vision

Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro
Live at Jamboree - Barcelona (2013)

Rick Braun (2010)
Sessions (Vol. 1)

Otis Taylor
Got Hey Joe Opus Red Meat (2015)

Braxton Brothers
True Love (2013)

Carol Duboc (2016)
Open the Curtains

Matt Cusson
Only Human (2017)

Carmen Lundy
Modern Ancestors (2019)

Cheikh Ndoya & Friends
Sons of Africa (2017)

Laili Biali
From Sea to Sky (2010)

Dave Stryker
- Eight Track III (2019)

Lori Carsillo
Sugar & Smoke (2014)

Brian Simpson & Norman Brown (2015)
Out of a Dream

Celine Dion
A New Day Has Come (2001)

The Stance Brothers
Kind Soul (2008)

Ray Obiedo
Carousel (2019)

Lisa Addeo (2019)
Listen to This

Ingrid Nomad (2019)

Sylvester Harper
I Can't Hide (2007)

Kurt Elling & James Morrison
Live in New York (2017)

Noriko Miyamoto on Beach Diggin', Vol. 4 ~ My Life (#10) (2016)

Claudia Acuna (2000)
Wind From the South

Poetry in Motion (2017)

Mari Rosa
Winter (2019)

Mariah Parker's
Indo Latin Jazz Ensemble
- Live in Concert (2016)

Larry Carlton &
Robben Ford
Unpluggged (2013)

Charlie Porter
Immigration Nation 2019

Sara Gazarek
Thirsty Ghost (2019)

Richard "Groove" Holmes
Soul Message (1965)

Satoshi Yoshida
Memento (2014)

Joyce Cooling
Living Out Loud (2019)

Pieces Of A Dream
Soul Intent (2009)

Theo Croker
Escape Velocity (2016)

Janine Gilbert-Carter
My Foolish Heart (2018)

Bill Evans
Escape (1996)

Lee Ritenour &
Larry Carlton
Larry & Lee (1995)

The XX
The XX (2009)

Philippe Saisse
Masques (1995)

Channel Two (2006)
Artful Time Reduction

Ronnie Laws
Pressure Sensitive (1975)

Green Morning (2015)
Space Sampler

Stanley Turrentine
Pieces of a Dream (1974)

Cecile Corbel
- Vagabonde (2016)

Tim Bowman
Into the Blue (2017)

Spur of the Moment
Out of the Shadows (2009)

Don Ross & Andy McKee (2008)
The Thing That Came From Somewhere

Vente Negra
Habana con kola (2011)

John Tesh (2010)
Grand Piano Romance

The Wayne Wilentz Quartet - Recordar Viver (2008)

Kool & Klean
Volume V (2014)

Snoh Aalegra
Don't Explain - EP (2016)

Bob Baldwin
Abbey Road and the Beatles (2018)

Joe Farrell
Joe Farrell Quartet (1970)

Move (2012)

Nubya Garcia
When We Are (2018)

Jeremy Monteiro
Brazilian Dreams (2016)

Jimmy Cobb (2015)
Original Mob

Angela Johnson
A Woman's Touch Vol.1 (2008)

Joe Kurasz
Soul Searching (2003)

Michael Hewett
Being In Dreaming (2003)

Melissa Morgan
Days Like This (2016)

Dave Stryker (2015)
Messin' with Mr. T

Brandee Younger
Soul Awakening (2019)

Amber Ojeda
Geminis & Virgins (2016)

Gregg Karukas
Heatwave (2002)

Karina Nuvo

Michael Vince
Michael Vince (2006)

Akiko (2008)
What's Jazz Style

Alfonzo Blackwell
Tributes (2011)

Jeff Antoniuk and the Jazz Update
Brotherhood (2010)

Cindy Blackman
Works On Canvas (2000)

Poetry in Motion (2017)

Richard Elliot
Chill Factor (1999)

Damien Escobar
Boundless (2017)

Althea Rene
In The Moment (2006)

Future Love (2019)

Sasha Berliner
Love by Design (2015)

Sal La Rocca
Shifted (2018)

3Divas (2017)

Spur of the Moment
Out of the Shadows (2009)

Chuck Loeb
The Music Inside (2005)

Ryan Saranich
Others' Odysseys (2018)

Meg Okura & The Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble
Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto (2013)

David Newman &
Jack Mcduff (1968)
Double Barrelled Soul

Art Of Shades
Into the Waves (2014)

Julian Vaughn
Purpose Project (2010)

Jim Adkins
The Journey (2015)

Johannes Linstead
- AZUL (2017)

Keiko Matsui
The Road (2015)

Tony Bennett
Duets II (2011)

U-Nam (2007)
Back From the 80's

Rita Edmond
Sketches of a Dream (2008)

Gregg Karukas
Soul Secrets (2014)

Little Dragon
Little Dragon (2007)

Fourplay (2008)

Ricky Kej
Earth Love: Music for Relaxation (2017)

Tim Warfield
Spherical (2015)

Nick Biello
Vagabond Soul (2018)

Champion Fulton
Speechless (2017)

Sharon Robinson
Caffeine (2015)

Charles Earland
Intensity (1972)

Marquis Hill
The Way We Play (2016)

Urban Knights
Urban Knights VI (2005)

Pieces Of A Dream
Warm Weather (2015) (Single)

Kruder & Dorfmeister
The Kamp;D Sessions TM (1998)

Mads Tolling
Playing the 60's (2017)

Melissa Morgan (2009)
Until I Met You

Cal Bennett (2017)
Got 2B Revolutionary

Kiku Collins
Here With Me (2007)

David Gerald (2009)
- Hell and Back

David Benoit
Fuzzy Logic (2002)

Mark Rapp (2011)
Melting Pot - Good Eats

Shanti Samsara (2016)
World Music for Environmental Consciousness

Johannes Linstead
Sol Luna Tierra (1999)

Darryl Anders AgapeSoul
Conversations   (2018)

Alice Coltrane   (1970) - Ptah the El Daoud

Joshua Bruneau
Bright Idea   (2015)

Jeff Gaeth   (2014)

Solex   (2017)
Smooth Soul

In Time   (2014)

Glenn Jones & Regina Belle
Love by Design   (2018)

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra - The Capitol Studios Sessions &nbp; (2018)

Hiroshi Suzuki
Cat   (1974)

David Dyson
Unleashed (2008)

Gabriela Anders
Wanting (1998)

Steve Turre Quintet (2016)
Colors for the Masters

Ten Summoner's (1993)

Kristina Reiko Cooper
Around the World with Love (2016)

Tower of Power
Soul Side of Town (2018)

Bob Baldwin (2000)

Vivian Green
Love Story (2002)

Boney James
Send One Your Love (2009)

Reginald Cyntje
Spiritual Awakening (2015)

Tia Fuller
Diamond Cut (2018)

Melvin Tayalor
Dirty Pool (1997)

Eduardo Sandoval (2017)
Caminos Abiertos

Russ Hewitt
Alma Vieja (2011)

Vandell Andrew
Chill AF (2018)

Dida Pelled
Dida (2010)

Nathan Breedlove
Captain of the Light Brigade (2016)

Camille Thurman
Waiting for the Sunrise (2018)

Su Terry Live at
the Deer Head Inn (2014)

Brian Bromberg
Thicker Than Water (2018)

Citrus Sun (2018)
Ride Like the Wind

Patrick Lamb
Limitless (Single) (2016)

David Gerald
N2U (2018)

Jeff Lorber Fusion
Impact (2018)

Tower of Power
Soul Side Of Town (2018)

Cal Harris Jr
Soulful (2017)

Pharez Whitted
Mysterious Cargo (1996)

Vel Lewis
Colors of Soul (2014)

Basia (1990)
London Warsaw New York

Andrey Chmut (2018)

Kandace Springs
Soul Eyes (2016)

Patrick Yandall (2018)
10 South Riverside

Jazmin Ghent
Chocolate Sunshine (2016)

Nick Colionne
Just Being Me (2018)

Tonight (Single)(2006)

Jeff Kashiwa (2009)
Fly Away

São Paulo Ska Jazz
Gringo (2016)

Justin Young
One Foot On Sand (2000)

Curtis Salgado (2016)
The Beautiful Lowdown

Brian Simpson
Out Of A Dream (2015)

Nancy Wilson
Anthology (2000)

Reggie Padilla
They Come and They Go (2014)

Grant Green Jr (2002)
Introducing G.G.

Positraction (2015)

Mapy (2017)
Island Girl

Michael Karr (2013)
Think It Over - EP

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio (2018)
Close But No Cigar

Iguana (2013)

Myron McKinley
E-12 (Live) (2017)

Terell Stafford (2015)
Brotherlee Love

Jaimee Paul (2011)
Melancholy Baby

Kwak Yoon Chan
49 (Forty Nine) (2013)

Cyrus Chestnut
Tribute to Duke Ellington (1999)

Stanley Clarke (2003)
1, 2, To the Bass

Rocco Ventrella
Tres Palabras (Three Words) (2013)

Ken Fowser
Don't Look Down (2018)

Regina Carter
Reverse Thread (2010)

Jeff Lorber
Philly Style (2003)

Mike Phillips
Uncommon Denominator (2005)

Poncho Sanchez
Latin Soul (Live) (1999)

Vandell Andrew
30 (2018)

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa (Deluxe) (2017)

Ken Fowser
Now Hear This (2017)

Ragan Whiteside
Treblemakder (2017)

Philippe Saisse (2017)
On The Level!

Pat Metheny (1987)
Still Life (Talking)

Lao Tizer (2018)
Songs from the Swinghouse Combo

Corinne Bailey Rae
Corinne Bailey Rae (2006)

Bob Baldwin
Never out of Season (2017)

Lori Williams (2010)
Healing Within

Joe Magnarelli Quartet
Persistence (2008)

Jorja Smith X Preditah (2017)
On My Mind

Anton Schwartz
Flash Mob (2014)

Eric Gale (1979)
Part of You

MILCK (2018)
This Is Not The End

Valeriy Stepanov
New Beginnings (2017)

Samantha Fish (2012)
Girls With Guitars - Live

Jesse Cook
Vertigo (1998)

Spur of the Moment
Out of the Shadows (2009)

Urban Jazz Coalition
Xxii (2017)

Various Artists (2017)
Straight Out The Gate

Ancient Future
Visions of a Peaceful Planet (2004)

Lindsey Webster
Back to Your Heart (2016)

Gerald Albright (1991)
Live at Birdland West

Aleks Sever (2012)
Danger Girl

Funk Inc
Urban Renewal (1996)

Aretha Franklin
Hey Now Hey (1973)

Lena Seikaly
Looking Back (2013)

Sweet Classic Soul (2005)

Elan Trotman
#liveanduncut (2014)

Buster Williams
Something More (1989)

Gratitude (2017)

Kathy Kosins (2017)
Uncovered Soul

Dan Faehnle
Ohio Lunch (2003)

Phillip Brandon
The Story Begins (2017)

Hiromi and Edmar Castaneda

Renegade (2017)

Terell Stafford
Forgive and Forget (2016)

Bobby Hutcherson
Linger Lane (1975)

Various Artists
Smooth Jazz: Sax At Midnight (2005)

Aretha Franlklin
Baby Baby Baby (45RPM) (1967)

Don Byron
Do the Boomerang (2006)

Mary Stallings
Live at the Village Vanguard (2016)

Tamir Hendelman
Destinations (2010)

Art Sherrod Jr
Back 2 Business (2017)

Peter Bernstein (2009)
Earth Tones

Dean James (2009)
Love Takes Time

Kris Russell (2015)
I Concentrate On You

Destani Wolf
Peek Away EP (2014)

Ashleigh Smith (2016)

The Essential Collection (2017)

Vandell Andrew
VA Covers (2017)

Everything but the Girl
The Language Of Life (1990)

Darren Barrett
First One Up (2011)

Ronny Smith
Shake It Up (2017)

Lori Williams (2016)
Behind the Smiles

Fred Wesley (2010)
With A Little Help From My Friends

Adrian Xavier
Live (2008)

Marquis Hill
The Way We Play (2016)

Albare (2013)
The Road Ahead

The Rippingtons (2016)
Life In the Tropics

Kina Grannis
IRIS (2017)

Freddy Robinson
The Coming Atlantis (1969)

Earl Carter
My Paradise (2007)

Lynne Fiddmont
Flow (2007)

Jonathan Butler
Surrender (2002)

Marianne Solivan
Prisoner of Love (2012)

Eric Marienthal
Walk Tall (1998)

Regina Belle (1995)
Reachin' Back

Candy Dulfer
The Dance (2003)

Selina Albright
Conversations (2017)

Andy Snitzer
Some Quiet Place (1999)

Raymond d'Huy
Raymond d'Huy (1994 )

Eliane Elias
Dance of Time (2017)

Russ Hewitt
Cielo Nocturno (2016)

Cheik Ndoye
Sons of Africa (2017)

Meeka Kates
Wildfire - EP (2016)

Roy Hargrove
Earfood (2008)

Jaco Pastorius (2017)
Truth, Liberty & Soul - The Complete 1982 NPR Jazz Alive!

Kirk Whalum
Unconditional (2000)

Postmodern Jukebox
Historical Misappropriation (2014)

Ronny Smith (2013)
Can't Stop Now

Karen Briggs
Soulchestral Groove (2010)

Journey (2004)

Legally Blynd
You (2015)

Richard Elliot
Crush (2001)

Carolyn Malachi
Gold (2013)

Lonnie Liston Smith
Visions of a new world (1975)

Heath Brothers (1981)
Expressions of Love

Joey Alexander
Countdown (2016)

Sacha Boutros
Sacha: NY After Dark (2013)

Billy Childs
Rebirth (2017)

Takuya Kuroda
Zigzagger (2016)

Shirley Horn
You Won't Forget Me (1990)

Wayman Tisdale
Face to Face (2001)

Alma Tropicalia
Alma Tropicalia (2012)

Bernie Williams
Moving Forward (2009)

Second Chance (2013)

Cal Bennett (2011)
Life's Beach

Vincent Lars
Inner Search(2005)

Bob Baldwin
Never Can Say Goodbye (2010)

Bebo Valdés
Chico & Rita (OST) (2011)

Julian Vaughn (2015)

Embrace (2003)

Joyce Cooling
Keeping Cool (1999)

Oliver Nelson (1961)
The Blues and the Abstract Truth

Anthony David
Acey Duecy (2008)

George Howard
A Nice Place To Be (1990)

The Wayne Wilentz Quartet - Recordar Viver (2008)

Joanna Pascale
Wildflower (2015)

Duane Eubanks Quintet
Things Of That Particular Nature (2015)

Michael Fields Jr.
Love On The Bottom (2017)

Daniel Bennett Group (2016)
Sinking Houseboat Confusion

Round 3 (2002)

Slow Train Soul
Illegal Cargo (2005)

Dave Koz
The Dance (1999)

Koh Mr. Saxman
The Visitor (2012)

What Are We Gonna Do? (2016)

Jonathan Zwartz
The Sea (2008)

Karen Briggs
Amazing Grace (1996)

Randy Crawford
Best of Randy Crawford (2011)

Soundscape UK (2000)
Uptown Groove

Athome Project
Archaic Circles 3 (2001)

Euge Groove (2016)
Still Euge

Marvin Gaye
What's Going On (1971)

Horace Silver Quintet
Song For My Father (1965)

Snoh Aalegra
Don't Explain - EP (2016)

Richard Elliot
Summer Madness (2016)

Vertice Williams
All Good (2016)

Reza Khan (2016)
Wind Dance

Richard Bona (2001)

Kool & Klean
Volume V (2014)

Lao Tizer
Downbeat (2012)

Chelsey Green and The Green Project   The Green Room (2014)

Daniel Bennett Group (2016)
Sinking Houseboat Confusion

Candy Dulfer

Jon De Lucia Group
As The River Sings (2017)

Oliver Nelson (1961)
The Blues and the Abstract Truth

Dee Brown
No Time to Waste (2007)

Earth Wind & Fire
Head to the Sky (1973)

Kaki King
Glow (2012)

Devil Devil (single) (2016)

Raul Midon
Synthesis (2010)

Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers (2015)
Live in Seattle

Trixie Whitley
Engine EP (2009)

Joe Magnarelli
Live At Smalls (2012)

Vente Negra
Habana con kola (2011)

Antonio Hart
Blessings (2015)

David P. Stevens (2008)
The Shedd

Daddy Mack Blues Band
Fix It When I Can (2000)

Sharón Clark, Robert Spates & James Levy
Americana (2013)

Jack DeJohnette
Music We Are (2009)

Thomas Marriott
Both Side of the Fence (2007)

Ronny Jordan
At Last (2008)

Little Dragon (2014)
Nabuma Rubberband

Russell Malone (2006)
Live at Jazz Standard, Vol. 1

Lavon Hardison
Come Together (2016)

indigo jam unit
Indigo Jam Unit (2014)

Destani Wolf
7th Heaven (2010)

Giovanni Zucchi
Gio's Project (2016)

Elaine Elias
Made in Brazil (2015)

Arno Haas
Back to You (2016)

Various Artists
For Luther (Vol. 2) (2008)

Positraction (2015)

Gregg Karukas
Blue Touch (1998)

Larry Mitchell (2016)
The Traveler

Sara Tavares
XINTI (2009)

Sharon Robinson
Sharon Robinson EP1 (2015)

Defying (2016)

Cecile Corbel
Vagabonde (2016)

Tom Harrell
Roman Nights (2010)

Albare (2010)
Travel Diary

Pretty Lights
Taking Up Your Precious Time (2006)

Anthem (2007)

Ray Obiedo (2016)
Latin Jazz Project, Vol. 1

BWB (2016)

Bill Evans
Escape (1996)

Johnny Hartman (1963)
I Just Dropped By To Say Hello

Edmar Castaneda
Entre Cuerdas (2009)

Vel Lewis (2016)
Papa's Strut (single)

Donald Hayes (2016)
Front Ground

Gabriel Alegria (2013) Afro-Peruvian Sextet
Ciudad De Los Reyes

Bob James
One (1974)

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