Kayla Waters - Coevolve (2018)  "Under consideration in first-round GRAMMY voting for Jazz Instrumental Album and Engineered Album, Non-Classical, Waters composed the material for “Coevolve” conceptually. To tell the story of a seedling’s evolution into a blossoming plant on “Full Bloom,” she collaborated with Michael Broening. The Washington, DC-based musician-songwriter-producer jetted to Broening’s Phoenix, Arizona studio for the session. The night before meeting with Broening, Waters doodled on a baby grand piano into the wee hours of the night eager to come up with something fresh. The next day, she presented her ideas, which became the essence of the song. " ~ Jazzhq.blogspot.comwebsite and Facebook.


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Kiku Collins (2007)
Here With Me

Loide (2009)
Live at Bohemian Caverns

Jeff Beck (2001)
Blow By Blow

Onaje Allen Gumbs
Just Like Yesterday (2010)

Andreas Öberg (2008)
My Favorite Guitars

Kim Kalesti (2004)
I Breathe You In

Thievery Corporation
Radio Retaliation Extras (2008)

Al Williams (2008)
Heart Song

Lauren Hooker (2007)
Right Where I Belong

Esther O'Connor
Lost Innocence (2009)

Michael Lington
Pure (2012)

Christina Aguilera
Stripped (2002)

James Dallas (2009)
Enough Ice

Josh DiStefano (2008)
Baghdad Blues

Simon Sammut (2011)
Bassic Attitude

Casey Golden Trio
Clarity (2010)

Kathleen Gorman
Brand New Day (2009)

Leigh Mullis (2007)
Leigh Mullis

Mark Mosley
TLC (2010)

Rob Paparozzi
Etruscan Soul (2009)

Cassandre McKinley
Til Tommorrow (2006)

Elijah Wood
Somnium - Single (2012)

Saltman Knowles Quintet (2011)
It's About the Melody

Eddie Harris (1967)
The Electrifying Eddie Harris

Randy Brecker
Randy In Brasil (2008)

Philippe Saisse
At World's Edge (2009)

Curtis Salgado
Soul Shot (2012)

Ron James
I Feel Ya (2007)

Gretchen Parlato
In A Dream (2009)

Brian Hughes
Between Dusk And Dreaming (1990)

Vanessa da Mata
Sim (2009)

Sfjazz Collective (2011)
Music of Stevie Wonder

Debra Killings
Surrender (2003)

Mads Tolling
The Playmaker (2009)

Bill Evans
The Other Side Of Something (2007)

Robert Glasper Experiment
Black Radio (2012)

Kim Waters (2010)
Love Stories

Mia Zuniga (2008)
Stories Such As These

Kina Grannis (2006)
In Memory of the Singing Bridge

Esperanza Spalding
Esperanza (2009)

Sal La Rocca (2012)
It Could Be The End

Nora Eckler (2012)
Young and Free

Earl Klugh (1979)
Heart String

Shenole Latimer (2006)
Front and Center

Larry Carlton
Fingerprints (2000)

Lenox Mayes Jr
Kalimba Echo (2009)

Emily King
East Side Story (2007)

Melanie Fiona
The MF LIfe (2012)

Kyler English
Electric Hum (2011)

Project Grapevine
Waiting for Daybreak (2001)

Libra Scale (2010)

Drew Davidsen
Spin Cycle (2011)

Dr. Lonnie Smith
Rise Up! (2009)

Alicia Keys
As I AM (2007)

Trey Songz (2010)
Passion, Pain & Pleasure

Damir Brajlovic & Arno Haas (2009)
Smooth live

Lou Donaldson
Say It Loud (1968)

Daniel Martina & Cia
Tute (2001)

Voice (2011)

GG Amos
West Coast (2010)

Phoenix Hart
Save Love (2011)

Russ Hewitt
Bjo El Sol (2008)

Steve Oliver (2008)
One Night Live

Erica Lindsay (2008)
Yes-Live At The Rosendale Cafe

Roll On (2009)

Drew Davidsen
Around Again (2009)

Grant Geissman (1995)
Business As Usual

Jessica Sonner
All We Need (2008)

Karel Ruzicka Jr.
Brooklyn Moods (2009)

Clifford Charles (2008)
Downtown Scarborough

Luis Villegas
Cafe Ole (1998)

Soulive (2009)
Live in San Francisco

Luis Perdomo
Pathways (2008)

Just Groovin (2008)

Natalie Brown (2000)
Let The Candle Burn

Juan Formell y Los Van Van
Arrasando (2008)

Joani Taylor (2008)
In My Own Voice

Ravi Coltrane (2009)
Blending Times

Gary Novak (2010)
Renegade Creation

Wayne Shorter
Adam's Apple (1966)

Clarke-Di Meola-Ponty
Rites of Spring (1995)

Sean Jones
Gemini (2005)

Leni Stern (2010)
Sa Belle Belle Ba

Coles Whalen (2007)
Nothing Is Too Much

E.S.P. Jazz
Time's Up! (2009)

Jonathan Butler
So Strong (2010)

The Poogie Bell Band
Get On The Kit (2006)

Jack Prybylski (2010)
Out Of The Box

Ronny Jordan (2010)
The Antidote (1992)

Lilla D'Mone
Music Trance (2006)

Nils Landgren (2007)

Sara Bareilles (2010)
Kaleidoscope Heart

Jimmy Sommers
Sunset Collective (2007)

Andre Hoxter
Infinity (2006)

U-Nam (2009)
Back From The 80's

Bobby Broom
Modern Man (2001)

New Swing Sextet
Back On The Streets (2008)

The Marvelettes (2008)
Definitive Collection

Shana Morrison
7 Wishes (2002)

Jaleel Shaw
Perspective (2005)

Yoko Miwa
Canopy of Stars (2005)

Nigel Kennedy (2006)
Blue Note Sessions

Gerald Albright
Groovology (2002)

Andrea Capozzoli
So Real (2009)

Andrew White
Walk In Light (2009)

Fathers Children
Sky's The Limit (2007)

The Six Pack
The Pack Is Back (2009)

John Pondel
John Pondel (2009)

Alex Martin
Second Life (2010)

Tracy Cruz
Feel'osphy (2008)

Michael Benedict
The Next Phase (2008)

Charnett Moffett (2009)
The Art of Improvisation

Djuma Soundsystem
Les Djinns Remixes (2006)

Unwrapped ft. Melena (2002)
Unwrapped Vol 2

Domonic Miller (2001)
New Dawn

Con Brio
from the HIP (2010)

Cindy Bradley
Unscripted (2011)

Paul Carr (2008)
Musically Yours

Paul Towndrow
Newology (2009)

Rachel Loy (2005)
Love the Mess

Ryan Quigley
Laphroaig-ian Slip

Brian Tarquin
High Life (2001)

AIR (2007)

The Band Perry
The Band Perry (2010)

Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Steve Stills
Super Session (1968)

Bette Midler (2008)
Jackpot - The Best Bette

John Chin (2007)
Blackout Concept

Lionel Loueke
Mwaliko (2010)

Nicki Parrott
Moon River (2009)

Endless Melody (2009)

Keyshia Cole
Just Like You (2007)

Rehyn (2009)
A Time To Fly

Tim Bowman
Tim Bowman (2008)

Melissa Ciaramella
Nessuna Forma Ingenua (2008)

Jimmy Salvemini (2008)

Lonnie Plaxico Group
Ancestral Devotion (2009)

Darden Purcell
Easy Living (2009)

Craig T Cooper
Hourglass (2006)

Fontella Bass
Travellin' (2001)

Rueben Wilson (2000)
Street Jazz Vol 1

W.E.S. Group
Ancestors (2006)

Derrick Gardner (2008)
Ride To The Other Side...

Andreas Öberg (2010)
Six String Evolution

Sara Serpa
Sara Serpa (2008)

Julien Wilson
Trio-Live (2008)

Howard Hewett
If Only... (2007)

Christian Fabian (2009)
Keys In Ascension

Crystal Cameron (2006)

Christian Scott
Anthem (2007)

Carol Riddick (2006)
Moments Like This

Eric Leone
Cruisin (2009)

Rebeca Mauleon
Round Trip (1999)

Daniela Schachter (2006)
I Colori Del Mare

Freddie Ravel
Sol To Soul (2006)

Maceo Parker (1970)
Doing Their Thing

Earth Wind & Fire
Last Days and Time (1972)

Patricia Talem (2009)
Patricia Talem

Mel Brown's B-3 Organ Group (2006)
Smokin' At Jimmy's

The Packers (1965)
Hole in the Wall

The LovejoyGroup
Spellbound (2010)

XIOMARA LAUGART "Xiomara" (2006)

Donal Fox
Scarlatti Jazz Suite Project (2008)

Goapele (2001)
Even Closer

Will Sellenraad
Balance (2008)

Lewis Nash (1993)
Rhythm Is My Business

Wayne Wilentz Quartet
Recordar E Viver (2008)

Steve Wilson
Soulful Song (2003)

Rhythm Logic
f. Ron Smith
Rhythm Logic (1999)

Paul Ahlstrand

Sunday Hang (2005)

Susheela Raman
33 1/3  (2007)


Marco Albani
Encuentro (2010)

John Lee Hooker
Chill Out (1995)

Jacob Yoffee (2008)
Dead Reckoning

David Gallegos (2009)
Mi Rosa Blanca

Oz Noy (2009)

Laura Lala, Sade Mangiaracina
- Pure Songs (2008)

Andre Delano (2008)
My So Fine

Bobby Adams (2007)
Desert Trippin'

midori hirano
Klo: Yuri (2008)

Matt Rippetoe
BOINK (2007)

Bobby Lyle
Hands On (2006)

Since When? (2008)
Long Distance

Wilbert Longmire
Sunny Side Up (1978)

Robbi Spencer
Speak 2 Me (2007)

Rob Mounsey (2007)
Hallucination Box

KJ Denhert (2008)
Dal Vivo A Umbria Jaz

Tim Ries (2001)
Alternate Side

Paulette Mcwilliams
Flow (2007)

Richard Elliot
Chill Factor (1999)

Luca Lo Bianco
Ear catcher (2009)

Giorgia Fumanti
Magnificat (2009)

Lin Rountree
Groovetree (2005)

Donna De Lory
Sky Is Open (2006)

Clarke, DiMeola, Ponty
Reminisce (1995)

Dave Sereny

Cecile Corbel
Songbook 2 (2009)

Kirk Whalum
Roundtrip (2007)

Tony Harrod
THP (2004)

Julius Brockington
The United Chair (1973)

Larry Porter Trio
The Circle Is Unbroken (2002)

Igor's Egg (2007)
The Ultimate Tuh

Andre Bisson (2009)
Rhythm & Blues Experience

Tina Guo (2009)
Autumn Winds

Geoffrey Castle
Streets of Inwood (2009)

Anastacia (2008)
Heavy Rotation

Ronnie Laws (1975)
Pressure Sensitive

Travis Vega (2008)

Smooth Urban Nights

En Route (2007)

Back in Bluesville

James Brown (1962)
Live at the Apollo

Richard Harris (2009)
Songs From My Heart

Levi Thomas Huffman
Full Circle (2009)

Motown Moe
Soft Touch (2010)

Lao Tizer
Diversity (2007)

Cody Geil (2008)
Go With The Day

Sarah Blacker
The Only Way Out Is Through (2009)

Various Artists (2002)
Jazz in Singapore

Bobby Womack
Communication (1971)

Audra McDonald
Build A Bridge (2006)

Jessica Medina
Azul (2007)

Barbara Mendes
Nada pra depois (2008)

Somi (2009)
If The Rain Comes First

Heath Brandon (2008)
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Pat Metheny (1987)
Still Life (Talking)

Nels Cline
Coward (2009)

Prince (1980)
Dirty Mind

Virginia Constantine
The Bumpy Road to Love (2007)

Satori  (2005)
Savor Every Moment

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
OOO Baby Baby:
The Anthology (2002)

Barry Richman (2009)
The Moment of Now

Chris Potter (2006)
Follow The Red Line

Somi (2007)
Red Soil In My Eyes

Ravi Shankar (2007)
The Essential...

Brian Hughes (2011)
Fast Train To A Quiet Place

j.dee (2009)
Smoove On The Move

Patrick Yandall
The Window (2008)

Ledisi (2009)
Turn Me Loose

Rocky Gordon (2007)
Alone In The Crowd

Gina Catalino (2007)
Swept In Sound

Jennifer Lauren Goldberg (2009)
Dark Clouds

Earnest Walker, JR. (2006)
Variations On A Groove

Frankie Beverly & MAZE
Anthology (1996)

Ray Gaskins (2008)
Night In The Life

Pamela Means (2003)
Single Bullet Theory

Midnight Star (1983)
No Parking on the

Cagle & Nash
Loungevity (2010)

Jim Adkins
Turning Point (2002)

Josie Aiello
Where I Am (2006)

Cindy Blackman
Works On Canvas (1999)

Michael Burks
IRON MAN (2008)

Aldritch Dubuisson
Let's Get Along (2007)

Sophie Milman (2009)
Take Love Easy

Eric Darius
On A Mission (2010)

Jason Quartet Parker
No More No Less (2009)

Chris Geith
Island of A Thousand Dreams (2010)

Pam Parker (2001)
- Working Class

Liz Briones (2006)
- El Amor de Madre

Manu Katché (2007)

Greg Osby
Level 9 (2008)

Destani Wolf (2006)
Again and Again

The Uptown Band
Waiting for Her (2008)

Philip Baumgarten
Full Moon (2009)

Norah Jones (2007)
Not To Late

Euge Groove
Born 2 Groove (2007)

Bobby Ricketts
Skin To Skin (2008)

Anna Fisher &
Jawge Hughes
Yin Yang (2004)

Fencewalk (1997)

Jaime Valle
Vital Signs (2004)

Dave Grusin (1978)
One of a Kind

Shae Fiol (2009)
Catch A Ride

David Dyson
Unleashed (2008)

Eric Watson
Love's Scales (2007)

Mattafix (2007)
Rhythm & Hymns

Jacinta Jazz
Day Dream (2006)

Carol Duboc (2005)
All Of You

Ceecee James (2008)
Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl

Michael Warren (2007)
Race To Beat The Sun

Earl Carter
My Paradise (2007)

Rita Edmond (2008)
Sketches Of A Dream

Bloomfield Kooper Stills
Super Session (1968)

The Pharoahs
Awakening (1971)

Amber Ojeda (2008)
Lady Like (Single)

Idris Muhammad
Power Of Soul (1974)

Les Nubians (1998)
Princesses Nubiennes


Andreas Oberg (2008)
My Favorite Guitars

Temptations (1965)
Temptin' Temptations

Prince (1984)
Purple Rain

Adam Smale
Fun City (2000)

Freddie Hubbard (2009)
Without a Song:

Live in Europe 1969 

Traci Root (2006)
Greener On This Side

Ceu (2009)

Wayne Brady (2008)
A Long Time Coming

Kate Voegele
A Fine Mess (2009)

Delhi 2 Dublin
Delhi 2 Dublin (2007)

Reynaldo Fernandez
Pavon - Vuela (2006)

Wendy Starland (2004)
Garden Of Temptation

Ramsey Lewis
Salongo (1976)

Chris Burnett
Time Flies (2008)

Justin Young (2007)
All Attached

Vel Lewis (2005)
All Wound Up

Arturo Sandoval
Tumbaito (1986)

B.J. Jansen & Frank Stagnitta (2009
Syracuse Connection)

Nyade (2006)

Drew Davidsen
This Journey (2008)

J McGriff & G Holmes
Giants Of The Organ
In Concert (1975)

Nina Vidal (2007)
Nina Vidal

Shango Band
Paying Tribute (2006)

Pat Bianchi (2006)
East Coast Roots

Nate Birkey
The Mennonite (2001)

Martina & Cía
Tute (2001)

David Newman &
Jack Mcduff (1968)
Double Barrelled Soul

Michael Benedict
Jazz Vibes (2007)
The New Beat

Dwayne "Smitty" Smith
This Is Me (2005)

Band (1993)

Stanley Clarke (1979)
I Wanna Play For You

Lee Ritenour &
Larry Carlton
Larry & Lee (1995)

Jeff Golub (2007)
Grand Central

Natalie Brown (2009)
Random Thoughts

Andreas Vollenweider
(1985) White Winds
(Seeker's Journey)

Kelly Sweet
We Are One (2007)

Greg Vail (2008)
Smooth Jazz Classics

Dells (1968)
There Is

Gregg Karukas
GK (2009)

Rob Batie (2007)
Jazz Hustler

The Poogie Bell Band
Get On The Kit (2006)

Kore Ionz (2008)
Half-Hour Revolution

Charnett Moffett (1995)

Maggie Green
Maggie Green (2007)

Andrea Celeste (2008)

Wayman Tisdale (2008)

Jay Soto (2007)
Stay A While

Miho Nozawa (2006)
At the East Village

Sweet Sue Terry (2008)
Bandleader 101

Joyce Cooling Revolving Door (2006)

Jaleel Shaw (2008)

Gerald Albright (2008)
Sax For Stax

Fourplay (2008)

Dramatics (1972)
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

Robin Thicke (2008)
Something Else

Charli Persip & Supersound (2008)
Intrinsic Evolution

Brian Bromberg (1998)
You Know That Feeling

Ancient Future (2001)
Planet Passion

Herbie Hancock
Head Hunters (1973)

Jason Parker Quartet

Eddie Harris (1967)
The Electrifying

Mark Mosley (2005)
Mark's Mood

Jimi Hendrix (1970)
Band of Gypsies

Alice Coltrane (1971)
Journey In Satchidananda

Bill Evans
Escape (1996)

Wes Montgomery
Day In The Life (1967)

Les McCann (1972)
Invitation To Openness

Charles Earland
Intensity (1972)

Miles Davis (1970)
Bitches Brew

Shilts (2008)
Jigsaw Life

George Duke (1974)
Faces In Reflection

Herbie Hancock
Mwandishi (1969)

Stanley Turrentine
Sugar (1970)

Freddie Hubbard
Red Clay (1970)

Phil Upchurch (1971)
Darkness Darkness

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