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Larry is a "self-taught" guitarist, and one article says he "started playing guitar at age 9, after his Mom threw his drumset out the window." Thanks Mom!  Her action paired Larry with the guitar. His mastery of the guitar won him the New York City "Limelight guitar solo contest (Twice!), in both 1986 and 1987. Larry's expertise garnered recognition, from which he was chosen to tour with Spanish/Italian artist Miguel Bose in 1989. Larry released his first (self-titled) "Larry Mitchell" CD in 1990 on the  Grude BMG label.  He was a feature guitarist in 1991 on Ric Ocasek's "Fire Ball Zone" Cd and can be seen performing on the "Rockaway" music video from the album.

During his career, he has performed and toured with numerous well known musicians.  Previously mentioned, with Miguel Bose, Ric Ocaseks, also with rock singer Billy Squier, folk pop sing songwriter Tracy Chapman, the legendary TM Stevens, Brian Hardgroove of the Rap group Public Enemy, 2-time Grammy winner Taos Pueblo Native American Artist - Robert Mirabal, Muskogee Creek Native American Artist - Joy Harjo, and Northern Cheyenne/Zuni Pueblo artist - Shelley Morningsong.  Shelley's multiple awarding winning album, "Out of the Ashes", was produced by Larry.

In 1999 Larry was awarded the San Diego Music Awards "Best Pop Jazz artist". 

He has numerous endorsements, with the most notable being Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, and DiMarzio Pickups. 

Since the release of his debut CD, "Larry Mitchell" (1990) , he has  released several other guitar instrumental albums over the years.  Mind Body Soul (1993), Escape (1995), Temptation (1996), Insatiable (1999), Sonic Temple (2008), Rhythm of Life (2013) and The Traveler (2016).

In an interview for Larry was asked about his  musicial goals, "I like my music to move people in some way, tears, smiles, erotic arousal, laughs, just to move people," and with this in mind, his albums emanate with "mellow acoustic to scorching rock arrangements".

From - "As Producer, Larry has won production and engineering awards in various categories such as Adult Contemporary, Pop, R&B, and Rap. Most recently (2007) he won a Grammy for co-producing the album “Totemic Flute Chants” by Johnny Whitehorse in the Native American category, released on Silver Wav Records, as well as major awards with artist Shelley Morningsong and Joy Harjo in the Native American category, and 15-plus Music Production Awards in Adult Contemporary, Pop, Singer songwriter, Instrumental,Country, Rap R & B and Native American Music."



Larry Mitchell is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performer who has toured the world playing guitar with well-known artists including Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek and Miguel Bosé. In his original compositions, Larry skillfully weaves guitar textures that showcase his virtuosity as a solo artist and ensemble player.

As an artist, he has released 6 solo records and won a San Diego Music Award for best pop jazz artist.

As a producer-engineer, Larry has won 26 New Mexico Music Awards in various categories from pop, adult contemporary, rap, rock, country and Native American. He won a Grammy Award for producing, engineering and performing on "Totemic Flute Chants" by artist Johnny Whitehorse, who is better known as Robert Mirabal of Taos Pueblo.

Larry is currently touring with his own trio as well as with Native artists Shelley Morningsong, Dawn Avery, Joy Harjo and Robert Mirabal.

He has many long-standing endorsements and relationships with companies such as Ibanez Guitars, D'Adarrio Strings, D'Marzio Pickups and Fractal Audio.


The Larry Mitchell trio is a dynamic rock instrumental funk-flavored splash of intensity. They blend rock, funk, jazz and blues into a melodic frenzy, carrying the listener along on a journey of bliss and intrigue.

The trio features the stylings of two Berklee School of Music graduates: Russ Garner's funky chops on drums and Austin Solomon's groove-oriented music vocabulary on bass. Source: website


MPBS ¡COLORES!: Larry Mitchell New Mexico PBS, KNME-TV

"Larry weaves textures that showcase his virtuosity."


Larry Mitchell Strikes All The Right Chords On ‘The Traveler’

" Larry Mitchell is a Grammy Award-winning producer, engineer and performer who has toured the world playing guitar with well-known Native artists such as Robert Mirabal (aka Johnny Whitehorse), Shelley Morningsong, Joy Harjo, Ellis Hooks and many others. He recently released his eighth solo album, The Traveler, which debuted #2 on in the Blues/Rock category, and #17 in new releases. The release was accompanied by a world premier music video, directed by Lynn Marie Rusaw, that was screened during the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience (AFME)."   ~  Jason Morgan Edwards -

"E S C A P E" from Guitarist LARRY MITCHELL

"Guitarist Larry Mitchell demonstrates that his purr is as vigorous as his roar. Those familiar with Mitchell's fiery electric playing know the man can wail with the best of them. On Escape, Mitchell breaks out the acoustic for a set of lush, peaceful, new-age flavored instrumentals. Peppered with lots of spunky, silken acoustic solos, his compositions are both graceful and rhythmic and are sure to lull the listener into a mellow daydream. Among the album's many choice cuts is 'River Run Deep' a beautiful, ethereal Irish-flavored folk piece where Larry and his guitar take off into some higher realm of consciousness. A great escape."   ~  Morty Kleidermacher -


Larry Mitchell - The Traveler

Larry Mitchell + Tony James - Trilian Retro Ballad

Monster Guitarist - Larry Mitchell - 'Temporary Thing'