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Scott is an American composer and lyricist born and raised in New Orleans. He began studying guitar when he was 17. After high school, he attended Loyola University in New Orleans where he studied jazz guitar with Bill Huntington, and music composition at the University of New Orleans. While attending the universities Scott learned to read music, and he began to sing, as a member of opera choruses and master chorales.  Scott has performed with many artists during his musical career, "including The Neville Brothers, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and The Allman
Brothers Band." He has performed in Europe and Asia. He has received numerous awards for his music contributions. "His symphonic premiere was with the New Orleans Symphony and his compositions have been honored by the Utah Composer's Guild, The Nashville Music City Song Festival and the Billboard Music Awards. He was also awarded a Congressional Certificate of Recognition by California Congressman Brad Sherman." In 2008 Scott released his " Made in New Orleans" CD, which is available on the Louisiana Music Factory website. Scott released " Blue Roasted Jazz" in 2010. Read the notes (below) and visit iTunes to listen to his music..


SCOTT DETWEILER - Blue Roasted Jazz (2010):

(Detweiler Records)
Produced and Recorded
By Scott Detweiler

Scott Detweiler – guitar/vocals
Ed Cogan – piano
Matt McFadden – bass
Jeff Fish – drums

Blue Roasted Jazz was recorded live at Jax Bar & Grill in Glendale (Los Angeles), California in April 2010.

It is the third volume (following 2009’s, “Rendition Integration” and “Infusion Went Away”) in Detweiler’s continuing chronicle of live early 21st century American music. Because the tracks are raw, unedited and recorded with a single microphone placed in the middle of the club, the listener experiences the true live performance, complete with background sounds from the audience.

Another compelling feature about this recording is that although Detweiler had played with each of the musicians separately on prior occasions, there were no group rehearsals prior to this performance. Set lists and a handful of charts were distributed moments prior to each of the 4 (four) sets, creating what Detweiler refers to as “live ‘Kind of Blue’”.

Working in this idiom for the past several years, his developing ability to “read” the audience is revealed in this recording as he spontaneously abandons set lists, creates medleys and calls key changes, while playing, right from his post at the microphone.

Naturally there are rough spots under these conditions, but there are also musical segments of pure, brazen magic that could never be realized in any other way. “You won’t find diamonds laying on the ground….you have to dig for them”, says Detweiler, “and as we play, we are digging with our instruments for diamond moments that can only be forged between the musicians and the audience in an intimate setting”.

Liner notes by Phil Packard.

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SD thanks St. Martha, Elsa, Scott, Marie, Lee Family, John Kim, Dario Gomez, Ellis, Hank, Ed, all of the staff at Jax Bar & Grill and the great writers of the non-SD material presented here.

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Scott Detweiler Quartet — "Take Five"

Scott Detweiler Quartet — "Nobody's Fault But Mine"