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Ragan is originally from Mount Vernon, New York. She began her study of musical at the age of 5 after her parents realized she had natural music talents. Ragan took piano lessons, she played drums, and eventually gravitated to the study of the violin, but in the final analysis, she chose playing the flute and studying classical music. Over time, she also discovered a love of songwriting and arranging.

Her pursuit of music brought her recognition and numerous awards in competitions for both performance and music composition. Ragan studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Harid Conservatory, where she earned her Bachelor of Music - Performance degree.

Ragan Whiteside interview by Diane Dayton

After graduating, she returned to New York to advance her musical dream, and while there she took a major turn from her chosen path of Classical music to follow her interests for Jazz, Funk, and R&B. In 2006, she won the Capital Jazz Challenge at the Capital Jazz Festival. She returned to the festival in 2007 with a new "critically acclaimed" album, Class Axe. She penned half the songs on the album. It was produced by Pianist/Arranger Bob Baldwin and Engineer/Arranger Dennis Johnson.

Ragan is credited with writing songs on three other albums: Bob Baldwin's " The American Spirit" (Shanachie), the multi-faceted collection " Brown Sugar" (Shanachie), " New Urban Jazz" (NuGroove) in 2008 and her latest realease is " Quantum Drive" in 2014. During her career, Ragan has performed with Earl Klugh, Gerald Veasley, Kirk Whalum, Rick Braun, Eric Darius, Kim Waters, Marion Meadows, and Grammy Award winning opera singer Esther Hinds, and Bob Baldwin.


First View Ragan Whiteside
Quantum Drive

"Ragan Whiteside is best known to the smooth jazz community by her albums Class Axe (2007) and Evolve (2012). Now she takes off with her new album Quantum Drive (2014) in warp speed. The album features on selected tracks Bob Baldwin, Althea Rene, Bo Valentine, Patrice Rushen, Dennis Johnson and Frank McComb. This is the first album she made after her move from New York to Georgia. Releasing albums on her own label gives Ragan the artistic freedom to express herself in her music. Nevertheless it's the right music people can enjoy... Ragan Whiteside creates with Quantum Drive an enchanting and vibrant album, which can defy any competition with other flutists of smooth jazz. Respect for such a development."    ~ Han-Bernd Hulsmann -

Between Sets with Ragan Whiteside
Class Axe with a Funktuation Point!

"In my exploration for a new artist-entrepreneur, my friend Kari (who is a pundit of independent performer’s) set my course to a unique and vibrant siren that swings with a pioneering eloquence. Adorning a smile that would light up the Broadway skyline and a revolutionary instinct that is tenacious by nature, flutist Ragan Whiteside entered unplugged, into my compilation of uncut diamonds. With ease and assured conviction, I can state Ragan has fashioned a masterful unveiling spin, branded Class Axe. Ragan by all definition is funks bequest to jazz!"    ~ Artist Interview by: Karl Stober

Ragan Whiteside - Class Axe

"Welcome to the latest issue of Denis Poole’s Secret Garden, the page that offers a British perspective on the very best from the world of smooth jazz and classic soul. The infrequency with which the flute is heard only adds to its magic as a contemporary jazz instrument. Now, in the skilled hands of the wonderfully soulful Ragan Whiteside, its potential knows no bounds. Her 2007 CD Class Axe is an absolute revelation and, given the album features production from both Bob Baldwin and Dennis Johnson, it has all the credentials necessary to provide Whiteside with the mainstream breakthrough that, on the strength of this collection, she so richly deserves."   ~ Denis Poole’s Secret Garden -


Wine & Jazz with Ragan Whiteside by Relentless Aaron

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Flutist, vocalist and songwriter Ragan Whiteside’s truly exciting and innovative sophomore CD, "Evolve". Fusing together the coolest elements of contemporary jazz, neo soul and funk.


Ragan Whiteside - Off the Cuff

"Evolve" by Ragan Whiteside

Ragan Whiteside - Funktuation