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Connie discovered her gift for music early in life when she lived in Palos Verdes, California. She began writing music when she was 8 years old, and the siren call of music pursued her over the years and into college, at which point she decided to pursue music as a career goal.

She recorded her first EP, "Shifting," in 2007 to an existing and growing following among Bay Area music listeners. Eventually, her path led her to Los Angeles, where she performed in many venues and attracted more listeners to her style of music. She says she found inspiration from the music of other musicians like "Imogen Heap, Feist, and Natalie Merchant."

After the release of "Shifting" Connie performed in L.A. area venues and honed her style of Pop, Blues and Electronica. In 2010, she completed here second EP "The Hunted" to good reviews. She launched a video "Sugar," which was a track from the EP and attracted the attention of several media publications. She received favorable reviews from Hits Magazine, NBC-LA, KSCI-TV,, MTV Iggy, and Entertainment Today Online for her music.

Since arriving in the L.A. area, Connie has shared her music in many venues. She has performed at the Viper Room, The House of Blues in West Hollywood, The Hotel Cafe, The Roxy Theatre, The Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre, The Berkeley Greek Theatre, the Rockit Room, the Hotel Utah, Room 5, Harvelle's, The Mint, the Genghis Cohen, the Boogaloo Cafe, the Downtown Bistro, UCSD The Loft, Saint Rocke, The Norris Theatre and the Louis Armstrong Performing Arts Center. She has shared the stage with artists such as Goapele, David Choi, and Colby O’Donis.

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Songwriting and Lyrics

"Lim extracts her inspiration from the people around her; From Berkeley to Los Angeles, Lim has treated every place as a new opportunity to learn and grow. Her recent EP tells of how she has noticed that “we are all hunted, or the underdog, in some way or another. I sing for that side within each of us.”

Connie Lim grew up shy and eccentric. She had started writing music on her piano at age 8, but didn’t gain the confidence to share her songs until much later. After one listens to The Hunted, however, one will see that Lim’s sources of inspiration are far from timid; she writes a lot of her survival of anorexia and traumatically abusive relationships throughout her childhood. These experiences are reflected by her unique vocal tone that is “both vulnerable and mighty” (

Connie Lim calls her music Retrotronica: an ambient fusion of old school songwriting with electronic beats and soundscapes, reminiscent of Imogen Heap, Norah Jones, Feist, and Ellie Goulding. As a sensitive and delicate soul, Connie started to rely on beats and electronic textures to help her explore her more aggressive, sensual, and powerful sides. Her exploration of this very personal and unique music while writing The Hunted helped her see that she too could be strong enough to live the life she always dreamed of: that of the artist." ~


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"Connie Lim is a powerhouse of sorts. She has been writing music since she was eight years old. To top it off Connie was also chosen as a top 60 contestant out of the 70,000 auditionees on NBC’s first season of The Voice, and has graced the Staples Center as a national anthem singer for The Clippers. She now empowers herself by booking tours all over the nation, sharing her solo performance from city to city to city. We sit down and talk about her tour, her upcoming music and the debut of her new song ‘More Than Real’." Read full Q&A… ~ Posted by Marcello in Interviews - Japan Cinema